Take the Growth Mindset Challenge

Participate in each of the activities below and when you’re done you’ll know how to develop a stronger growth mindset. Share your progress by joining the mastermind community

What is a Growth Mindset?

Your mindset impacts how successful your business ventures are. 

Read our reference post to find out how to embody a growth mindset, and use viewing obstacles as stepping stones rather than roadblocks.                   

Based on your reading, what qualities do you already possess that strengthen your growth mindset? 

Share a real-life example or actionable insight you've gained towards your growth mindset with our mastermind community.

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Overcoming challenges leads to valuable lessons and growth opportunities. What challenges have you embraced and overcome? 

Tell us in our small business Mastermind Community what you learned and how facing that challenge head-on benefited you. 

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Learning from Failures

Rather than dwelling on mistakes or getting discouraged, approach failure with curiosity and humility. Analyze what went wrong, identify areas for improvement, and adjust your strategies. 

Share a setback or failure you've experienced and what you learned from it. 

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Adapting to Change 

Success requires continually adapting as changes occur. Pivot and create new strategies to keep moving forward. 

Share in our Mastermind Community when change has required adapting. Or ask for ideas on how best to adapt to a current challenge. 

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Seek Feedback on Learning

Entrepreneurs with a growth mindset actively seek feedback from others to fuel their growth and development.

Share your successful completion of this  challenge. Feel free to ask members for tips on how and what to learn next. 

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