Take the Go Live! Challenge

Participate in each of the activities below and when you’re done you’ll know how to Go Live! Then you can use video on social networks to grow your business. Share your progress by joining the mastermind community

Where Have You Participated In or Seen Live Streaming Events?

Write down your answer – then go read the article and see where live streaming is happening. [Hint:

Facebook Live and LinkedIn Live count!.]

What are the Key Features a Live Streaming App Must Have?

Review How to Choose the Best Live Streaming App and share four of the five key features 

found there with the mastermind group.

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Which Are Considered the Best Live Streaming Apps? 

From your reading, what live streaming apps would you most like to test out?  Share your answer 

with the mastermind group. 

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Try Out a Live Streaming App Yourself

Choose one of the live streaming platforms or apps and do a test Go Live! Invite someone else to join you. Share a link to your live event 

or replay with the mastermind group. 

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What Did You Learn from Going Live? 

What went well and what will you do differently next time? Share any tips you have with our members in the mastermind community.     

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Share Your Success

Let the community know you’ve completed the challenge! Ask our members to amplify your efforts. Leave a link in the comments 

we can share and support! 

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