Take the Mission Statement Challenge

Participate in each of the activities below and when you’re done you’ll have the perfect mission statement you can use to grow your business. Share your progress by joining the mastermind community

Identify Your Goals

A clear mission statement sets the direction for your company by outlining its goals, values, and purpose.    

Read the article for tips. Then start brainstorming what your goals, values and purpose are.  

Share Your Purpose

From your reading, you know your mission statement communicates the purpose and identity of your company to stakeholders including employees, customers and investors.

Share your purpose with the Mastermind community.

Share with the Community

Fill In the Mission Statement Template

A mission statement template provides a framework for creating an inspiring and effective mission statement. Answer questions about your company’s goals, values, and intended audience to help you create a statement that is meaningful and motivating.

Write Your Mission Statement

Using your answers from the mission statement template, write and polish it. 

You may want to create multiple versions and then choose your favorite. Or get your team involved in choosing. 

Ask for Feedback

Share your mission statement in our mastermind community. 

You may ask for feedback from our members on how clearly they feel your mission statement aligns with your website and marketing. 

Ask for Feedback

Share Your Success

Happy with your finished mission statement? 

Let the community know here that you’ve completed the mission statement challenge! 

Share with the Community