Take the Unleashing Proven Strategies Challenge

Participate in each of the activities below and when you’re done you’ll know how to use six proven strategies to grow your business. Share your progress by joining the mastermind community

Prioritize Tasks

Our reference article emphasizes only doing the work that matters. Take time to prioritize what is most important. 

No matter how successful you are in business, you can't do everything. And trying will only lead to burnout. 

Reduce Costs

You know it is important to cut costs whenever possible! Check out our best cost cutting ideas for your business. 

Then share your best tips for reducing costs with our mastermind community. Or ask members for advice.

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Go-to-Market Strategy

When delivering your products or services to customers, it helps to have a set strategy in place.   

Work on your Go-To-Market Strategy, share and brainstorm in our community.

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Content, Social Media, Traffic, SEO

Your SEO strategy, content, and how you promote it on social media are all integral to increasing business profits. 

Work on your overall strategy. Then share with the community what works best for you or ask for suggestions. 

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Fix Leaky Sales Funnels

Over the course of running your business, your sales funnels can generate consistent sales. 

But if your funnels aren't working as they should, your business could be missing out. 

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Share Your Success

How are your new marketing endeavors working for your business? Find any big winners you'd like to share? 

Let the community know here that you’ve completed the Unleashing Proven Strategies Challenge and what works best for you! 

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