Take the Elevator Pitch Challenge

Participate in each of the activities below and when you’re done you’ll have the perfect elevator pitch you can use to grow your business. Share your progress by joining the mastermind community

How Could Having an Elevator Pitch Benefit You? 

Write down your answer – then go read the article and see if your answer covers all the benefits.  Decide on the purpose of your pitch and define your audience. You will use these in the next step so share them with the group. 

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How Does Your Unique Selling Proposition Benefit Your Audience?

Why would someone want to buy from you instead of your competitors? Get clear on how you stand out from the competition. 

Use the tips in your reading to craft an 

engaging opening. Share it with the group. 

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Can You Get All 7 Qualities of a Great Elevator Pitch into Yours?

Which of the seven qualities every elevator pitch should include seem most important to you? 

Take the opening you created previously. Add the seven qualities mentioned here. Then share your draft for helpful feedback.  

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What Do You Want the Person Hearing Your Pitch to Do?

Your closing call to action (CTA) should prompt anyone hearing your pitch to take some action. There are suggested CTAs in your reading

Choose just one, add it to your draft, and ask our members if your CTA is clear and compelling. 

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Get Feedback on Your Elevator Pitch from our Mastermind Community

Check your draft to remove what your reading shows shouldn’t be included. Use the feedback you’ve received to finalize your elevator pitch. Then practice presenting it first in a comment in the Mastermind. And also ask for a volunteer to do it out loud on the phone or in person.             

Get Feedback

Share Your Success

Let the community know you’ve completed the elevator pitch challenge! Tell us how it went, especially when presenting it live. 

If you don’t have someone locally, use a phone call or virtual meeting. Practice to make it 

easy to do when you really need it! 

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