Take the Free Business Advertising Challenge

Participate in each of the activities below and when you’re done you’ll know how to get free advertising to grow your business – and actually get some! Share your progress by joining the mastermind community

What Are the Three Advantages of Getting Free Advertising?

Write down your answer – then go read the article and see if you listed different advantages. Do you know of more than the article mentioned? 

Review the 40 Types of Free Business Advertising You Could Be Using

From your reading, what free advertising sources do you want to use for your business? Share your answer with the mastermind group. 

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Have YOU Obtained any Free Advertising for Your Business? Why or Why Not? 

You probably already have some free advertising. Go through the 40 sources here and list any you already have.  Share your answer with the group. 

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What Other Free Business Ads Do You Want to Acquire?

Referring to The Best Ways to Get Free Advertising, make a list of the next three types of free ads you want to get for your business.

Share your choices with the community. Don’t forget to ask members how they can assist you!

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Go Out and Actually Get Free Advertising for Your Business

Secure free advertising for your business using one of the 40 sources you read about here

Let our community know where so they can share with others and spread the word! 

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Share Your Success

Let the community know you’ve completed the challenge! Ask our members to amplify your efforts. 

What can we do to support your online activities or new ads? Tell us in the community. 

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