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Our feature plan for authorhreview.com site and the WordPress Rich Snippets plugin. We got to make a big move! Read More
Here are some very good reasons why I believe that you have no competitors in blogging, none whatsoever, you only have opportunities to make amazing things happen by connecting, making friends with other bloggers in your niche and learning from them... Read More

How to Avoid Underpricing Your Freelance Services

How to Avoid Underpricing Your Freelance Services Avatar Posted by Caron_Beesley under Management
From http://blog.fundbox.com 20 days ago
Made Hot by: SimplySmallBiz on April 17, 2015 2:57 am
When you think about making more money out of your freelance business, getting new clients probably springs to mind, but another often overlooked strategy is to increase your rates.Here are four things you can do to become more pricing proficient and stop underpricing your services. Read More
You will find a blueprint that takes you from learning the basics of blogging to becoming a knowledgeable and talented blogger. This guide has been designed to help you achieve those goals in an easy to read, step by step way. Read More
More and more companies are utilizing social media for their marketing purposes. Posting regularly can help you to reach a wide variety of audiences, keep loyal customers up to date, and help boost your company profile. However, each social platform utilizes different algorithms; if you post too mu Read More
One great way to find new bloggers to connect with, as well as gain some quality traffic, is by using a service called BlogEngage. Here are 5 easy steps... Read More
Want to save the world, but still run a profitable business? Maybe you’re unsure what kind of business to start, or worried your company name is hurting your business. This week on Bplans, we covered these topics and more. Read More
These platforms and plugins can help you save a lot of time, time that would be better spent on things like producing quality content, providing support, and promoting it.

Some of the platforms I have mentioned are still new, so give them a try to see how your product performs. Also wh Read More
I recently asked some of our customers at Nusii how we could help them win more business. The quality of replies was amazing, but one stood head and shoulders above the rest. “How do you deal with that first client meeting? What do you say, how do you get the information you need to write a great p Read More

What The Hell Do I Need Social Media Analytics For?

What The Hell Do I Need Social Media Analytics For? Avatar Posted by ronsela under Social Media
From http://www.semrush.com 59 days ago
Made Hot by: profmarketing on March 9, 2015 11:06 am
These days, you would be incredibly hard pressed to find any person whose life has not been touched at all by the effects of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others all have worked their way into the collective psyche of our culture. Read More

Three Key Voluntary Policies for Women

Today 4 in 10 women are the sole or primary breadwinners for their families,¹ and they do more than twice the amount …

Arthur Piccio, UPrinting Share Clients' Small Biz Spirit @UPrinting

Arthur Piccio, Public Relations and Small Business Coordinator for UPrinting, said he and the print shop he serves … More
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