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This is a common question among bloggers, and not only among new ones. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, hence why it can create a dilemma. If you publish it in your own blog, you will retain all the traffic and backlinks, but there is a risk that the post won't gain enough exposure, especially if your blog is relatively small. Read More
When you sit down to discuss the marketing goals for the year, you usually have some plan laid out where for example a campaign will be designed consisting of 9 email based reach outs spread out 3 weeks apart across a database of 10,000 prospects. However, unless its a pre defined campaign programmed in your marketing automation or lead nurturing Read More
An inside sales rep with the task of cold calling the CEO or high ranking executive of a fairly large organization over the phone would have a daunting experience even connecting. Getting past the gatekeepers and assistants is just part of the battle. Even if one is lucky enough to connect, its not always easy to strike up a rapport as executives Read More
Content Marketing is all about valuable, relevant and consistent content delivered to a target customer group - the goal of which is to create or maintain behavior. Content marketing is the art of understanding what your customers need to know and delivering it to them in a compelling way. Read More
Ad Age's article published on January 5, 2009 ("Economy Weighs Heavily on Marketing Execs for 2009") started with, "Marketing executives are tired of buzzwords such as Web 2.0, blogs and social networking." The article goes on to say that marketers are going back to the basics with an emphasis on addressing four areas: customer satisfactio Read More
Although VoIP can benefit just about anyone, its rewards are particularly great for mobile phone users. That's partly because using VoIP to call overseas can help them avoid cellular carriers' exorbitant international rates. Read More
I'm a huge proponent of professional listening as part of a business communication strategy. Lots of people will sell you ways to speak. They'll give you lots of ways to get your message all over the place. Me? I'm passionate about listening as much as I am speaking. You know: two ears, one mouth, that stuff. Read More
In a dynamic move sure to rattle devotees of plain old home phones, Verizon Wireless will introduce the new Verizon Hub on Feb. 1. Only Verizon Wireless can launch a new touch screen home phone system designed to replace old-style home phones with a souped-up home communications system Read More
What first started out as a consumer phenomenon has turned into a growing corporate trend: Blogs now provide opportunities for organizations to interact and share their stories and thoughts online. As of 2007, there were a reported 100 million blogs; and as of July 2008, some 15 percent of Fortune 500 companies maintained one. Accordingly, many Read More
According to Boy Genius Report, it appears that a new product called the Verizon Hub deskphone is launching and is even in Verizon stores with a "do not open until further instructions order". I looked at the Verizon Hub pictures and it looked identical to the Verizon One. One of my sources told me that the Verizon Hub is the same thing as the V Read More

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