When you start up a new business you're going to be facing some pretty typical challenges. One such challenge is generating sales. In those tentative first months to a year, it is especially important to keep initial customers not only coming back for more, but bringing their friends with them. Read More

6 Tips to Be More Responsive to Customers

6 Tips to Be More Responsive to Customers Avatar Posted by bigmoneyweb under Customer Service
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In an era of instant communication, information overload and search engines, word of mouth recommendations and customer satisfaction are more important than ever before. Your online reviews ARE your reputation and how you handle Yelp, Zagat (Google+), Facebook and Twitter make the difference betwe Read More
No one working in customer service will be surprised to hear that the research reveals that good service really does matter—and that bad service can harm your business. You’ll be surprised by just how much it matters and how long the effect lasts.
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Are your silent business communicators turning up the volume on rudeness? Here are 5 silent communicators you may be missing in your business communication. Read More
By Gareth Cartman

You might think you check all the boxes. Your staff are presentable, friendly and approachable. Your products are unique and laid out neatly; your store has a distinctive character and an atmosphere that you won’t find on the high street and your prices are competitive. But is Read More
By Donncha Hughes

I think that everyone agrees that Testimonials from customers are an excellent marketing tool. They can be featured on your website, on LinkedIn and included in tenders, brochures and sales proposals. This post will address what I think should be included in a testimonial. A cl Read More
Yesterday, I stopped into the Lucan Spa Hotel in Dublin, ordered a coffee and attempted to connect to their Wi-Fi, when a landing page informed me that I would need to purchase a voucher for access. Reception told me that this would cost nearly 5 euro (for less than an hour). On that, I left my cof Read More
Before you can provide great service, you need to know what makes great service. Great customer service centers know the 6 keys... Read More
CRM is hardly a new concept. But, a series of technological advances over the past decade has turned CRM into a sophisticated, cutting edge approach to business. Many companies, however, are not taking full advantage of this powerful framework even if they have invested in a CRM solution. Read More

Are You Practicing Situational Customer Service?

Are You Practicing Situational Customer Service? Avatar Posted by steveamiller under Customer Service
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When do you think you should practice excellent customer service? Sometimes? All the time? Only when someone's watching? I assume you're thinking, "Well, duh, Steve, we practice it all the time! We always deliver great service!" But do you? Read More

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