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What if you could get millions of dollars of FREE advice to help you grow your business? I’ll bet you’d want some of that! Well, the good folks over at D&B (@DandB) have been doing the work for you. Read More
Getting a domain name isn’t just for newbies — you can have an established company and get domain names so that your prospects can find you more easily. Read More
Building referrals is just as important now as if was in the past. In fact, I think it’s much easier and more cost effective now to develop and build those relationships than it had been in the past. What I think is more difficult is keeping those referral conversations alive and focused. Read More

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Today, I wanted give you a list of some of the marketing gurus I follow, their messaging and what makes their offers so appealing. Hopefully you’ll learn how to put some sizzle in your sale without selling your soul. Read More
It isn’t necessarily a good idea to lump all women into one specific category. Some women love beauty products while others love hobbies that many men enjoy. Read More
In September of 2014, Canon Imaging launched a brand, spankin’ new printer — the MAXIFY. As part of their launch strategy, they reached out to a handful of small business influencers to help them get the word out to their communities. Read More
Google AdWords is, at this point, the largest and most-used format for Internet advertising. Yet, those AdWords links have been around so long that many web users have simply learned to ignore them. Read More
Business owners often assume that once their mobile app is finished, the work is done. However, building the app is really only the first step in the mobile app process. Read More
It’s easier and faster than ever to get the word out about you and your company and expertise. One of the fastest growing trends in marketing is “Guest Posting on other blogs.” Read More

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