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If your business runs on a calendar year, then you’ll be in the middle of planning and trying to figure out how much to spend on marketing. Business planning and budgeting aren’t exactly on anyone’s list of glamorous activities, but I’ve come to really appreciate the perspective that a solid budget Read More
Jeanne Bliss’ father sold Buster Brown shoes and when he retired, there was a line a mile long of life long customers that he served from the first “little piggie” down to the last. We all remember the days of the local small business owner who had relationships with their customers. - See more at Read More

How to Start a Marketing Program - DIY Marketers

How to Start a Marketing Program - DIY Marketers Avatar Posted by ivanastaylor under Marketing
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You’ve been building your business for a while. You start by taking on as many customers as you possibly can. After all it’s all about cash flow. But before you know it – things start getting complicated. - See more at: http://diymarketers.com/how-to-start-a-marketing-program/#sthash.S7Xh4gcF. Read More
There are an absolute ton of articles out there on how to make your customer fall in love with you. Today, I’d like to take this one step further and talk about testimonials. - See more at: http://diymarketers.com/how-to-collect-customer-testimonials/#sthash.uyN231h8.dpuf Read More
Even if you’ve been in business for a while, it’s never too late to start a positioning map. There are so many to choose from, that you’re probably overwhelmed by the entire process. - See more at: http://diymarketers.com/use-a-positioning-map-to-differentiate-your-brand/#sthash.SOhv8wE7.dpuf Read More
Videos are HOT HOT HOT! Everyone says you should do videos to market your business. I’ve done a few and will continue to do them — but I just HATE myself on video. I hate myself on any recorded media at all so that’s why I’m asking you to send me YOURS. - See more at: http://diymarketers.com/sen Read More
You wouldn’t dream of opening a brick and mortar business without at least putting a sign up on the door. You might even get a billboard telling people exactly which exit to take to get to your restaurant. Yet, so many small business owners think that if they put a web site up — their ideal custo Read More
One of my goals at DIYMarketers is to make sure that you know about some of the cool tools out there that will help you get and keep loyal profitable customers. Today, I’ve got a guest post from the team over at All Things CRM. All Things CRM is an easy-to-understand resource where you can learn Read More
I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a complete gadget and technology geek. Where some girls love buying jewelry, I love trying new tools and apps just to see if they help me run my business, my life and my marketing operation any better. I also LOVE playing the “value game” of finding a tool that hel Read More
It’s Market Planning Time! I know that all of you guys are just so excited about the prospect of trying to figure out exactly what magical marketing thing you can come up with for the next year that’s going to bring your business up to the level it deserves.

Whether you’re at a fortune 500 or s Read More

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