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There is nothing else that stops anyone from becoming entrepreneurs except fear. In the world of entrepreneurialism, fear is a huge hindrance to success. Fear is what stops us in our tracks when we should be moving forward. It magnifies risk, giving you the picture of an overwhelming obstacle. Wors Read More
Over the past few years, mobile technology has rapidly evolved from being just a two way communication device to an all-in-one technological gadget with navigation, embedded web browsing, instant messaging, gaming and a load of other features. Presently, not having a mobile device would make one fe Read More
We are delighted to announce a call for sponsorships in the forthcoming contest: “How Online Networking Rocked My Business.” This will be a multi-faceted blogging and social media contest for small businesses and entrepreneurs, presented by BizSugar. Read More
I believe Twitter is probably the most useful of the social media sites for marketing your business. I have finally came across to Valentine the brainchild of JustRetweet, an entrepreneur. so I got in touch with Valentine to quiz
him on the site, the best ways of using it to generate traffic and f Read More
Depending on your type of business, most businesses usually have lots of operations. For some, handling all these operations effectively can become tiresome or almost impossible. And when your business does not run smoothly, it could lead to a decline in sales or patronage. This is where outsourcin Read More
As a small business, one of your greatest goals should be getting more customers/clients. If it’s not this, then what else would you want? More customers mean more money for your business which in turn increases your business’ lifespan. As you know, the only way to grow your customer base is to giv Read More
Whether you are a newbie in the business building process or an experienced entrepreneur launching into a new venture, one thing is for sure- start up capital is necessary. Business funding is usually one of the toughest stages for the new entrepreneur and the truth is not many pass this stage. Read More
Ashley Neal believes if you help others get what they
want, you’ll have what you want.
“I really enjoy being a small
business resource,” Neal
Read More
The world of mobile technology has improved greatly over the years. The vast number of brands in the global market today has caused a great variation in the Read More
People want to do video screen capture and editing but they don't know which affordable and easy-to-use tools are available. Learn about the top tools here Read More

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