Last week my friend’s son Sam came home from work with a new pair of trainers, a new rucksack and a shirt. He had won employee of the year as voted by his peers. He was thrilled he’s only been with the company for 9 months and is really enjoying his first job with the growing recruitment firm, Dani Read More
The gift of talking is a boon and bane too. One should know, where to talk, how to talk most importantly at the time of interviews. One’s way of talking can lend them their dream job or you could end up talking your way right out of the job. It’s important to remember that the person taking your in Read More
Remote work is still at a nascent stage, and it is entirely possible for any CPA or an accountant running his or her practice to get doubtful about hiring remote staff. If you are in a similar space, here is a short listicle featuring the benefits of remote staffing at your accounting firm: Read More
A happy and more productive workforce is a win-win for workers, their bosses and business owners.

In case you haven’t been reading Inspire to Thrive recently, this is a series of posts on productivity sponsored by Wrike. Did you know having a happy staff can increase your business productivity b Read More
Whenever I make a new hiring in my company, I always ask a hypothetical question!
I am sure even you must have experienced a situation where you have to give an answer to a really tricky hypothetical question.

But one common thing I found in most of the candidates is that they fail to answer su Read More
Being calm is a quality very few of us has mastered. We lose our cool many times daily, we can lose temper with our loved ones when we are mad, but we can’t act the same when we are at work.

Ironically work is the place where you cannot stay calm all the time. Issues like office politics, collea Read More
The integral part of workplace team work is the sharing of professional opinions with co-workers. The main beneficial fact of discussing varied view of points at workplace helps in encouraging brainstorming, leads to actual project planning and engenders new ideas.

When workers share the best pr Read More
Performance Appraisal is the organized appraisal about the recital of employees to recognize their abilities for auxiliary escalation and development in the company. Performance appraisal process or appraisal are usually done by methodical ways.

The managers assess the pay of employees and weigh Read More
Some of the finance related job titles are Consultant, auditor, loan officer, manager, treasurer and personal financial advisor. For all these jobs mathematical knowledge, skills like bookkeeping and familiarity with software that they use is mandatory.

Of course all these jobs are a bit tough a Read More
Every living being on the earth has different sensations and among them pain is the worst sensation.

It is an unpleasant situation which sensed by all living beings. The pain is caused due to various reasons – the most common being injured. The level of pain could be less or more depending upon Read More

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What's more important than salaries at your small business? Small business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes believe they …

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