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Have you been using Instagram for your marketing? If not, now may be the time to do so. With the visually stimulated technology users, picture sharing apps have become more popular than ever. Read More
Do you want to know the secret to get your clients to race to buy your product? It is in fear. But it is not fear in a direct sense. It is more of a fear of losing out or being inferior. Read More
The debt service coverage ratio is a measurement used by lenders to determine if a business is able to meet its debt servicing obligations through its operating income during a given period of time. In most cases, a lender wants the operating income to exceed the debt servicing costs by some measu Read More
You are judged by the decisions you make. No one is hired to make bad decisions. Wouldn’t you like to be known as a person who makes smart decisions? Here’s how to make smart choices that generate great results. Read More
Earlier this year, SELF Magazine, an American print publication that specializes in health, fitness, nutrition, beauty and happiness, used pictures of a cancer survivor to mock women running races in tutus. The backlash was so intense that a public apology from its Editor-in-Chief quickly followed, Read More
When hiring workers for your business, there is an important designation to be made: is the worker an employee of your business or an independent contractor? Read on for a look at why this distinction is so crucial in the eyes of the IRS, as well as how to classify workers correctly. Read More

4 Ways Inventory Adds Value To Small Businesses

4 Ways Inventory Adds Value To Small Businesses Avatar Posted by BLASTlavon under Management
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Accounting for your inventory seems straightforward, but it can actually add unexpected value. Here are four ways inventory can add unexpected value for your small business. Read More
When you lack confidence and always see yourself as the underdog, you may have to “fake it ‘til you make it” by thinking confident thoughts and presenting yourself to others as confident, even though you might not be feeling it for awhile. The more you project confidence, the more it will become a Read More
While expertise is highly important, the people you involve in your business should possess some more universal qualities as well. Read More
Explore a breakthrough philosophy, on personal development and how you view your occupation. How are you defining your character, and what are you displaying for the rest of the world to see? Are you proactively representing yourself and what you stand for, or are you just representing a name-tag w Read More

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