Top Blogging Statistics: 45 Reasons to Blog

Top Blogging Statistics: 45 Reasons to Blog Avatar Posted by Writtent under Online Marketing
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Still wondering whether you need to blog? Read this blogging statistics to see how regular blogging can be used for lead generation and winning customer loyalty. Read More
If you'd rather tackle differential calculus than track your social media analytics, this plain-English post from Social Media Examiner is for you. Read More
Content is king but only when the content you write and distribute speaks to the reader, not to the search engines. Learn why it's so crucial to make your content speak to people, not machines. Read More
If a friend walks up to you and asks for advice on how he or she could improve his/her entrepreneurial skill, what will you say to this friend of yours?

Let me share with you some iron clad entrepreneurial skills development strategies. If you seek to develop or improve your entrepreneurial skil Read More
By Sandra Hennessy

Social Media policies have been in the news in the last week and it has brought up the same questions for many companies big and small – what is a Social Media policy and what should it include? And do we call it a policy or guidelines? The language used will be the difference Read More
Intentional branding is crucial to creating a successful freelance business. Capitalize on what distinguishes you from the pack through creative, memorable, and timeless brand messaging, and keep an eye on your brand, ready to adjust it as necessary in order to maximize profits. Read More
By Megan Totka

Your business is growing. New clients are pouring in, and referrals and sales alike are on the upswing. But are you effectively communicating with customers and prospects? Or are you leaving money on the table? Read More

Get Started With Facebook Comments For WordPress

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 Facebook comments for WordPress allows you to put a Facebook comment box and a Facebook like box directly on your blog. Read More
It has now been 12 months since Facebook agreed to purchase photo-sharing social network Instagram for $1 billion (£656 million), more than double its estimated value at the time... Read More

Small Business Patch Launched: What's in it for you?

Small Business Patch Launched: What's in it for you? Avatar Posted by ivanpw under Startups
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Small Business Patch from AOL has just been launched, offering exclusive interviews, news, trends, tips on small business. Read More

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