Would you be willing to pay someone a lot of money to find you a job. It's a great question, I know. But, would you? If you've been out of work for a long time, the idea may start to sound attractive. Read why. Read More

How Important is Your Online Image?

How Important is Your Online Image? Avatar Posted by erikemanuelli under Online Marketing
From http://www.freemakemoneyadvice.com 392 days ago
Made Hot by: Digitaladvert on August 5, 2013 2:04 pm
As a business owner, there are many things you will need to think about for your business’s reputation. One of the most important in today’s society is your online image.
There are a few factors you need to keep in mind with this.

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Google Plus marketing is still a fairly new idea to a lot of people.  In the past year it has almost passed every major social media platform as the most popular, except for Facebook, and I feel that it won't be too long before they overtake them as well. Read More

How to Use Twitter Lists + Bonus Top 100 SEOs List

How to Use Twitter Lists + Bonus Top 100 SEOs List Avatar Posted by amabaie under Online Marketing
From http://buzzkeep.com 396 days ago
Made Hot by: businessluv on August 5, 2013 11:46 am
Twitter Lists can be used both for fun and business and I’ll tell you exactly how. But make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the article for a list of the most useful Twitter accounts of SEOs and social media people. Follow them and add them to a list and you’ll be amazed how much you can actu Read More
Branding Strategies in today's online world is one factor you cannot leave out of your business.

To give you an idea of what your competitors are doing along the lines of branding strategies, the ones that are doing great are implementing branding and marketing. - Read More
This is a detailed post to discuss about some uncommon ways to get fresh topics and ideas for blog posts. Read More
it amazes me that every SEO blog is preaching the same old things that they’ve been saying for years.

the total opposite to what is really working right now. Read More

A 6 point checklist for your newly launched website

A 6 point checklist for your newly launched website Avatar Posted by AmyJordan under Online Marketing
From http://www.aliensmoney.com 396 days ago
Made Hot by: logistico on August 5, 2013 9:20 am
So you’ve just designed a website and it looks all swanky and just the way you wanted. The only thing remaining is for you is to host it live and immediately begin marketing it. Here’s where most people get it wrong, the process isn’t really that simple. There are a number of things that you need t Read More
This week, Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting has published a very good interview with Matt Cutts on the topic of link building. Aside from the obvious importance of Matt’s responses, the questions made by Eric can be interpreted as good “hints” on how to build links. If you are in the SEO indust Read More

How to Create an Attractive Blog Title

How to Create an Attractive Blog Title Avatar Posted by AmyJordan under Online Marketing
From http://viralwriter.com 396 days ago
Made Hot by: bloggerpalooza on August 5, 2013 8:54 am
There are many ways to create an attractive blog title and doing this has a viral effect on your blog, it can increase your readership and their trust, your blog content will be shared to many other readers which automatically makes your blog will go viral, but how do you create an attractive blog Read More

Free, Fast & Easy: A new way to communicate benefits to employees

  We know that as a small business owner, you have your hands full. Aflac has made it easier for you to communicate …

Kelly McCausey @kellymccausey Shows Solo Smarts

Kelly McCausey is used to functioning as the small business equivalent of a one woman show. Her Website SoloSmarts.com … More
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