Successful startups are all about turning ideas into action quickly and efficiently. These actions must be the hard part, since entrepreneurs always seem to come to me with ideas, and ask me for help on the actions. That has always seemed strange to me, since the magic is supposed to be in the idea Read More

Importance of Choosing the Right Business Structure

Importance of Choosing the Right Business Structure Avatar Posted by Nellie Akalp under Legal
From 330 days ago
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Nellie Akalp, CEO of, shares the importance of choosing the right business structure in this post. Read More
BYO is here to stay, and users want the flexibility to use the latest and greatest technology. This balancing act is breaking the backs of IT and legacy solutions. Read More
Website optimization is the first class in Hubspot Academy's Inbound Marketing Program. Here's an overview of what is learned. Read More
It was my pleasure yesterday to have attended a great marketing session entitled “The Right Angle:SHAPE UP YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA WITH PROCESS + PURPOSE” at our beautiful Art Gallery of Hamilton for the whole morning – and was it a great event, eh!

And I mean that and would think that as they sold ou Read More
The business world has been watching this emerging generation with trepidation, and a lot of people haven’t been sure who would be the winners, and who would be the losers. Can Gen-Y, much less the new Generation Z (1995-2010), survive as entrepreneurs, and do they have the passion and commitment i Read More

Changing the Company Mindset About Content Marketing

Changing the Company Mindset About Content Marketing Avatar Posted by MSEO under Marketing
From 328 days ago
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Many in-house marketers have told me how their company doesn't understand the importance of content marketing. They struggle, argue and often get no support to complete tasks. Read More

Everyday risks that make a company excellent

Everyday risks that make a company excellent Avatar Posted by ingebridget under Management
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When business owners constantly play it safe, their companies become just "very good". But who wants that? Here's how to create an excellent business. Read More
Anyone can easily setup a blog within 5 minutes, but keeping a blog alive is much tasking and difficult to achieve. Having a steady blog growth is the dream of most bloggers, either a newbie or a Pro, no one dreams of building a stagnant blog or a declining one, but the truth be told, it’s not easy Read More
Do you feel that all your actions don't get you results? You seem to have a clear goal and a perfect blueprint - but still that gets you nowhere? There is a mis Read More

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