Wouldn't it be cool if Facebook had an alternative for the like button? Check out to see the nine reasons why Facebook needs the "I don't care" button! Read More

Why You Should Always "Get It in Writing"

Why You Should Always "Get It in Writing" Avatar Posted by thursdayb under Legal
From http://www.wisebread.com 310 days ago
Made Hot by: bigmoneyweb on June 17, 2013 4:18 am
At some point in your life, someone is going to do something that adversely impacts you, whether your employer skips you over for a promotion or your landlord tries to keep your entire security deposit. You're going to have to fight back and prove that you're in the right. And to do that, you're go Read More

7 Content Writing Secrets Every Blogger Should Know

7 Content Writing Secrets Every Blogger Should Know Avatar Posted by Ileane under Online Marketing
From http://basicblogtips.com 312 days ago
Made Hot by: SJC on June 17, 2013 3:47 am
Creating great content depends on how well you can blend the right ingredients to make your post succeed or fail. Read More

Creatively Prioritizing Creativity

Creatively Prioritizing Creativity Avatar Posted by lewisevans777 under Self-Development
From http://tweakyourbiz.com 313 days ago
Made Hot by: SimplySmallBiz on June 17, 2013 2:11 am
As our e-based world increasingly blurs the line between our personal and professional lives, it’s important to make good use of our time. Yet the best approach is usually the one we resist the most. Read More
The main reason why you are not getting your desired result from twitter could be because you don't know the tools others are using. This is the best tools to promote your twitter account for more leads and traffic. Read More
In this guest post from Dell's Bruno Sarda, he shares some of his sustainability success stories and challenges. Join us on June 7 to hear more from him. Read More

How Facebook Structured Our Creativity

How Facebook Structured Our Creativity Avatar Posted by sophia2 under Social Media
From http://www.blogtrepreneur.com 314 days ago
Made Hot by: BizWise on June 17, 2013 12:55 am
MySpace will ultimately be written as a ‘great start’ when the history of social media is finally written. It proved that deep down all we really want is structure. In the beginning of the social media boom, the internet realized that everyone was tired of email groups and internet forums. People w Read More

Small Business Success: The iCracked Story

Small Business Success: The iCracked Story Avatar Posted by ivanpw under Startups
From http://www.onsmb.com 314 days ago
Made Hot by: lyceum on June 17, 2013 12:26 am
A.J. Forsythe and Anthony Martin of iCracked share the story of how iCracked was born and how it manages to grow to over 200 locations nationwide. Read More

Can Your Business Go Global?

Can Your Business Go Global? Avatar Posted by Maria Haubrich under Strategy
From http://www.smallbizdaily.com 314 days ago
Made Hot by: LimeWood on June 17, 2013 12:03 am
For many U.S. small to mid-sized businesses, 2013 could be the year for global expansion. The uneven economic recovery and the administration’s focus on doubling exports by 2014 (National Export Initiative) means greater business opportunities in international markets, such as Brazil, Russia, India Read More
On a regular basis, I am approached by entrepreneurs who assert that business plans are a waste of time. They cite sources like a recent BusinessWeek story, “Real Entrepreneurs Don’t Write Business Plans” and this NY Times article. From my perspective as a professional investor and long-time adviso Read More

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