Facebook Messenger

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The Facebook Messenger app is now giving its users the ability to make free phone calls over Wifi connections to other Facebook Messenger users. Read More
With the uptick in the economy, as an active startup mentor, I’m seeing a new surge of entrepreneurs and startups, with the commensurate scramble for funding. There just aren’t enough Angel investors and VCs to go around. Thus I’m getting more questions on new mechanisms, like crowd funding, and an Read More

The Darth Vader Approach to Marketing

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Darth Vader is a powerful pop culture image, and the Darth Vader brand crosses all ages, cultures, and social groups. Find out how sight, sound and brand association make the Vader brand so powerful, and how you can emulate 'the dark side' in your marketing. Read More

Five Tricks To Maximize Your Brand

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By Khurram Aziz

For any business, whether it be online or not, a logo plays an extremely critical part of the business’ identity. A logo or brand that captures the essence of your business and the attention of potential clients is only as good as its visibility in the marketplace. Read More

3 Things You Should Do Again – Sales eXecution 250

3 Things You Should Do Again – Sales eXecution 250 Avatar Posted by SellBetter under Sales
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They always say it is the small things that make a difference, which is good especially when your product is not that different. Going back to basics can be the differentiating factor. Read More

When an Employee Can’t Grow With You

When an Employee Can’t Grow With You Avatar Posted by cbrendlinger under Management
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Small businesses are a great place to learn, but sometimes the willingness to learn just isn't enough. Sometimes an employee just isn't capable of growing with your company and it may be time to make a hard decision. Read More
In order to become successful in the world of business, you must be able to understand your client’s character. In many ways, you have to play the part of a psychologist- no graduate degree in Behavioral Psychology necessary, of course. Gauging the unique moods and personalities of your clients is Read More

CBP 011: National IT Service Platforms

CBP 011: National IT Service Platforms Avatar Posted by mattr under Technology
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Today my guest is Ric Savoia, host of the Force Field Podcast. In this episode we’ll be talking all about National IT Service platforms: what they are, how they work, and if they are worth your time. Read More
You've written that epic blog post, now what are you going to do with it? It is hard to stand out in the noisy world of online content. Follow these tips to stand out, get noticed and drive traffic to your site. Read More
Whether your goal is to generate sales, grow subscribers or simply increase brand exposure, the following infographic from uberflip will help you figure out how to prove your content marketing ROI. Read More

This Could Be One of the Most Underestimated Employee Benefits

What's more important than salaries at your small business? Small business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes believe they …

Suzie Poirier @aceconcierge Builds Virtual Partnerships

Growing a business, especially online, requires you to wear many hats. If you focus on all the little things, you can … More
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