It can be hard for a call center to stand out in a competitive outsourcing market. With numerous players entering the industry, how can you convince prospective clients that they should partner with you?

Here are five tips that would help your build a powerful and compelling competitive advantag Read More
Sales and support are the two cornerstones of the growth for every business that runs on the earth. Learn how to align sales and support for a long term growth Read More
If you believe that interviewing and hiring sales people is one of your most imprecise and risky business decisions then you are certainly not alone. Like many hiring managers, you may have come to believe that the chances of making a good sales hire are about the same as winning a coin toss. Read More
When sales decline, don't get stuck in a rut. Restructure your business strategy to close more deals. Read More
If you ever wanted to know how listening can change your business, read this article. Read More
The enterprise must monitor sales results at the international, national, regional, local, team and individual sales professional. Read More
Selling is as much an art as science. The strategies described here can help you combine both to improve your success rate and sales. Read More
When it comes to phone objections, we focus way too much on the symptoms and NOT the cause.

The symptoms being the actual objections and the cause, well that’s what I want to talk to you about today.

There are many things that increase the probability of a phone objection, here’s a partial li Read More
I'm sure everyone knows the importance of lead scoring when it comes to optimizing your lead generation funnel to focus on the best prospects.

The question is: how do you develop a criteria to attribute levels of quality to your database of leads?

Long story short, it depends on your business Read More
For some time now in many places, we can read about the end of email. However the truth is different. Email is still ‘alive’ and what we have to do is to use it properly.

Getting the contact in the form of email address (a lead) is only the beginning of a very long way to sales. Read More

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