You know how they always say follow the money? Well as a seller looking to win, you should follow the beneficiary, they create the demand that lead to the purchase. Read More
I’m occasionally amused by some of the comments and responses my blog posts provoke. Not long ago, I published a post, The Best Sales Person I Ever Known. Read More
You will all agree with me that sales is extremely important to a business survival. Sales is like the mainstay of any business because you just have to sell to be able to generate revenue for the business. This is why better customer interactions will provide your business that essential advantage Read More
Learn about how to use content marketing to help you replace cold calling and generate more qualified sales leads. Read More
Sales training shouldn't only focus on the hard skills - like asking questions, objection handling, analyzing the competition. Don't forget the soft skills - communication, teamwork, flexibility, positivity, time management, and confidence. Read More
Sales analytics tools can provide valuable insight to small business owners about customers and help improve sales and profit. Read More
The term “customer” is among the most elastic in management theory. Who are your business customers? Is your small business among those that claim that their strategies are customer driven? No matter whoever you think your customers are, it is essential to know that your business can not survive wi Read More
Sending out proposals is scary. You imagine all those other more experienced consultants sending out exquisite proposals, written on rolled gold and delivered by carrier pigeon. You know it’s all in your head, but doubt creeps in and you begin to second-guess yourself. All of a sudden the Total tha Read More
There is more to the picture than meets the eye, good sellers, know how to paint a picture that resonates with the buyer on all levels. Read More
The hottest addition to the sales world right now is something called 'Inside Sales' or 'Sales 2.0', a process of selling that involves the sales team to never leave their desk and go through... Read More

Learn How to Build a Firm Benefits Foundation

While health care reform hasn’t gone into full swing mode yet, your business can lay a firm foundation for 2015 by following …

Mike Abasov @Mike_Abasov Serves Business With a Smile

The smile on Mike Abasov's face reflects the joy he feels every time he helps entrepreneurs reach their … More
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