There’s so much more to a successful business than just good design. Design needs a reason to exist, a purpose. By itself design is art, and I’m no artist. I’m not saying you should neglect your design skills, but I would suggest there are more important aspects to our profession. Designer’s need t Read More
When you are working in an account be aware of any change in management, you want to get in and talk to him/her as soon as they are comfortable in their new office. You also want to take advantage of opportunities when a company is getting ready to move, expand or consolidate.
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The difference between corporate sales and consumer sales are realistically very similar, they both provide the same style of service to the end user and both require the same techniques, notably in B2B selling. Read More

An article that comprehensively covers "Price Satisfaction (Price Satisfaction: When your target market is satisfied with your offer price and is willing to pay accordingly).

Provides practical tips on how to achieve "Price Satisfaction" by setting the "Right Price" or optimum price while con Read More
Lincoln Murphy says that getting customers to pay up-front for a year is great, but when it comes time to renew those customers, there are 3 wrong ways... and only one right way.

He says that while that up-front money from annual pre-pays is great, when it comes time to renew those cu Read More
Medical device sales are becoming increasingly complex - sales reps must have more complex, sophisticated business conversation - leading to the rise of key account managers. Once companies acknowedge a need for them in the sales process, how do you train them? Read More
Check your junk box and spend a few minutes going through the contents in there, most of those emails will have a very common trend and you’ll probably notice it straight away. We’ve got so used to spotting these “junk” emails that we can recognise them a mile off. Read More
If you are struggling to close a sale for your business - these powerful techniques will help you. Learn 24 Techniques for Closing the Sale Today! Read More
A business owner, who is efficient in his work, is likely to incorporate a culture of efficiency in the team working with him. Small businesses, however, are often replete with efficiency issues because of one person making a majority of the decisions. Read More
Sales process requires salespeople to mirror their customer's buying process. Read More

Free, Fast & Easy: A new way to communicate benefits to employees

  We know that as a small business owner, you have your hands full. Aflac has made it easier for you to communicate …

Lisa Buben @Lisapatb Will Inspire Your Business

Lisa Buben knows there's no such thing as a free lunch. But she might never have broken into online marketing without … More
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