Part 2 of the Lease a Sales Rep Interview with Gil Pagan. Greg Hyer brings back Gil Pagan of Lease a Sales Rep to discuss the three steps you need to take to get the sale. Read More
It's awfully noisy out there and as a matter of fact, your prospect (like) you consumes an incredible amount of "stuff" on a daily basis.

How much?

Try 100,000 words . . . The equivalent of 1 1/2 novels!

And that's that's just in a 24 hour period.

Imagine how that adds up and while you' Read More
Companies cannot develop and sustain a superior sales force without putting great emphasis on the importance of the front-line sales manager role. Unfortunately we have seen a fair number of companies that failed to do so. To start, take a look at what motivates mid-level sales managers most. Read More
There is no rule that says you have to wait to ask for referrals. Ask early and ask often, you will be well rewarded. Read More
Rather than spending your time looking for lessons from spin master, spend your time applying what you know, and ignore the silliness around you.  Read More
At the heart of Waigaya is a single concept: paradoxes and disagreements are the essence of continuous improvement. However a KAM chooses to implement Waigaya – the underlying principle holds – without incorporating the sales and competitive intelligence from others supporting the account, only an Read More
BYOA is here, the real question is how do sales organization harness the power to achieve individuals and collective goals? Read More
Trade shows keep getting a bad rap, everyone has it in their mind that they produce no results but cost a serious chunk of money. I can half agree with the general consensus but after a while you soon realise that the reason why they produce nothing is because the approach to trade shows are wrong. Read More
Years ago, a nascent business could be organized and operated with a limited range of equipment. With a cash register, basic order forms, and thick notebooks full of order patterns, a business owner could sell his goods and record his profits. However,in today’s technological world, many of these o Read More
Don't get hung up on the script, focus on the success they bring. Learn to take advantage of structure and preparation, Success is not always free form. Read More

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