A list of 13 proven tips and tricks to impress a prospect in two minutes window of opportunity. A broad list of best sales tips, tricks and tactics to impress a prospect quickly. Read More
If you find yourself chasing clients, haggling over -- or finding resistance over -- price, or doing a lot of things for free or "for exposure" -- this may be the one thing you're missing! Read More
You’ve just earned your company a big contract and you’re about to look amazing in front of the boss. You worked hard for that sale, but what if it didn’t have to be so difficult? What if you could earn more sales from customers that already know, like, and trust your brand?

You can, by using ev Read More
Internal champions sell when you're not there! 7 tips for salespeople for identifying and developing internal champions. Read More
Don't let active listening morph into selective listening, take in everything the buyer says, not just those things that you want to hear. Read More
I wrote, Finding The Decisionmaker, discussing the consensus buying process and the increasing number of decisionmakers involved in complex B2B sales ( Average of 5.4 according to CEB.) My good friend, Martin Schmalenbach, always calls BS on me in such interesting ways. Read More
Buyers have a myriad of products to choose from - salespeople must ensure that they're products - and services - are included in the consideration set. Sales reps cannot win a sale if they don’t understand the buying process, don’t make the initial cut-off and once there – don’t understand the trad Read More
Sure, an in-person meeting would be nice, but it’s hard to schedule a sales pitch for a San Francisco client if your company is based in Barcelona.

That’s where virtual meetings come in handy: video conferencing and screen sharing are key tools that can help facilitate sales with the click of a Read More
What Behaviors are Common Among Successful Salespeople? List of top 7 behavior common in really Successful Salespeople. Read More
You have worked for years to build up your business and now it is time to sell it and move on to something else. You want to get the very best price for your years of hard work, and that means that you will have to take the necessary steps to maximize your return. Read More

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