The best salespeople can communicate an idea or concept in terms that any buyer can understand. Back in 2001 when Steve Jobs presented the iPod he didn’t sell some technical solution for a portable, pocket sized music player, he sold “1000 songs in your pocket”. It was easy to understand and got ri Read More
Sales people are obsessed with products. We know every feature, function, feed, and speed. We know the most nuanced details of the product and how it’s used. Read More
There are waves of people out there who genuinely seek to get into the importing business. They however have two major hindrances, which is:
- Startup Capital and
- Where to set up their shop Read More
The objective of sales promotion is to change behavior. Stimulating consumer behavior by getting people to kick their brand habits is not easy. It often takes a new stimulus to get consumers to notice the new and improved value of your product, or the stimulating value-added offer you are featurin Read More
Video is quickly becoming one of the most powerful sales tools there is. Video is quick and easy for people to access, it’s great for building brand awareness and trust and it’s equally important when it comes to sales. Read More
Learn Why Sales People Should Be Using Statistics in Selling By best selling author and americans corporate sales trainer Steve Schiffman Read More
The best sales approaches bring techniques and skills together to get more and better results. You can be social when you cold call, and cold call in a social way. Read More
Running client interviews can help find the real reasons behind a project and understand the true needs of your client before you think about drafting a proposal. Read More
Customers are tired of the deceptive practices with sales people. These 5 no brainer tips will help you connect with your sales leads, and gain real trust. Read More
I've been wanting to get into the speaking circuit more in the last half of the year.  I feel it's time to start making my celebrity run in the.... Read More

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  We know that as a small business owner, you have your hands full. Aflac has made it easier for you to communicate …

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