When sales reps have difficulty selling the new product so they just go back to selling what they know. That's why salespeople must be trained BEFORE new products are launched. Read More
In too many companies sales reps spend too little time selling and the time they do spend is not well managed. Failing to distinguish between good and bad business is just one source for this problem. Read More
In sales, for selling techniques to work effectively there needs to be clarity in both the actual sales role and in the process of selling. Successful selling is about always having a clear objective based on where we are in the sales process. Read More
Sales managers should begin developing their leadership skills early on - before becoming sales managers. Start with leading sales teams or working with customer buying groups. Read More
It's time to take a pulse on what's ahead for retail in the new year. Here's are four components that experts think will be integral to any healthy retail marketing strategy in 2015 Read More
You’re not gonna like it, but if you’re willing to start making some serious sales presentations that’ll help you get your message across and generate more business, you’ll have to print the next sentence in your brain. Nobody cares about you. Let me get this right for you: prospects don’t care abo Read More
Salespeople must learn to pivot - starting something, quickly determining whether it is working or it isn’t and leveraging the ideas learned to develop alternative approaches. Read More
The right CRM is easy to use and pulls all the features your marketing and sales teams need to work efficiently into one convenient interface. Without effective CRM, your business is losing opportunities, sales, and in extreme cases, top employees. With so much at stake and such a high priority pla Read More
Depending on who you listen to, the picture may look rather bleak. By now you’ve probably begun to see your profits dwindle already due to the first fee increases. What can you do to increase revenue in the face of all these added expenses? This... Read More
Buyers change how they buy, sellers need to change how they sell and sales leaders need to bring the insight to make that happen. This means sales managers must reconsider how they lead their sales teams - perhaps an alternative approach should be considered. Read More

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