E-Commerce businesses are always seeing new trends come and go. Here is how to predict trends using price optimization strategies. Read More
There’s an old philosophy when it comes to phone objections and when to politely exit the call;

"Keep going until you have 3 objections or an appointment. Whichever comes first."

I’ve always found that to be a bit much and I can also tell you that; Read More
Is cold calling a waste of time? Not if you have a plan—and follow these tips. Here's how to cold call successfully and secure new customers. Read More
One of the most popular ways to work-at-home today is to create your own products, but choosing the best places to sell your handmade goods can be a bit of a challenge. After all, there are so many options, how does one choose? Read More
We’re always looking for innovative ways to drive sales.

One simple step which people often overlook is the potential purchasing power of your existing audience. It can be expensive to market to people who know nothing about your product, but less expensive to increase the lifetime value of your Read More
Wish you could look over the shoulder of shoppers on Amazon to see what they do and how they think? This blog post lets you do just that! Read More
As a small business owner, do you find it difficult to attract new customers? Building brand recognition and increasing online or in-store traffic can be challenging due to a variety of factors, included limited marketing budgets. Keep reading for tips on leveraging capital to generate sales... Read More
One of the most important business decisions you’ll need to make: to sell online through an e-commerce store, or through a brick-and-mortar store. Selling online and selling through a physical store is completely different in terms of customer interaction, hiring employees, and marketing your produ Read More
You, as the listing owner, need to continually test various approaches. If you’ve been selling on Amazon for a day or longer, you know that Amazon is constantly changing its algorithm. Just like Google, sometimes the updates are minor tweaks that nobody notices and other times they cause serious up Read More
How do YOU demo? I couldn't believe the amount of "do nots" that show up on this list that I have personally sat through for a software demonstration. While it is important to know your product and hone your people skills, these 14 tips will help take your demo to the next level. Read More

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