According to a 2013 study by TSYS, nearly half of consumers prefer debit as a method of payment, while 35 percent preferred credit. Obviously, consumers want to pay with plastic! Read More
Today’s reps might be well served to work a little bit of psychology into their strategy to best serve today’s changing customer base. Here’s what you need to know about when consultative sales works and why. Read More
Prospecting is not only essential for your growth, it is also vital for your survival. It is a continuous activity that helps you find customers. And with customers come sales to fuel your cashflow and profits. So start with setting practical goals. Monitor your activities and results to improve yo Read More
A great book and discussion about sales incentive and driving behaviour that delivers results for both the company and the sales person. Read More
The explosion of electronic communication is both a blessing and a curse to our culture.

Here are some tips for making your verbal and written sales communications more engaging in a digital world so buyers take action. Read More
DemandCon is dedicated to the continued education of sales and marketing professionals. We offer host conferences featuring the best teachers of best practices in developing integrated funnel management solutions. Read More
Your website should be the focal point of your marketing strategy, so getting it right can be the key factor in your business winning or losing. Read More
Don't let the label distract you from the goal, good-selling, every other label is there to sell you something, not help you sell better. Read More
Want to be able to know the secret to more sales? You may need just one single creative idea in order to do that. Here is an example of a clothing brand that made it big with one small video. Read More
Want to make more sales with your book? Here are some things that you can do so that you can market more books. It is just a matter of honing your brand so that people will trust you enough to buy your book. Read More

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