If you’re an entrepreneur, you already know how hard selling can be.
Many business owners struggle in their attempts to move others to action. In order to succeed, you have to be able to effectively communicate what your product, service, or idea means to the people you need to influence.
A few Read More
A pipeline is not for collecting opportunities, but developing and closing clients and revenue. If your pipeline is backed up, flush it and start right again. Read More
"You do not go about every day of your life, selling your business. You do it only once and you need to make sure you get it right after all your business is no less dear to you than your own house, or any other of your valuable assets." Read More
Business isn’t all straight lines, with “crossed t’s and dotted i’s“; however, there are many things in business especially those which are website based, that are mandatory if you want to succeed.

Website optimization for mobile friendliness, social media linking and content balance are all cru Read More
"An organization which is run and owned by a family and in which decision making is influenced by multiple generations of the family is known as family business. It is the oldest form of economic organization." Read More
Inside Sales Outsourcing is too much important for our business. This way we can easily achieved our business goal. My own point of view it is the best sales term for our business. Read More
Despite all the talk, the fact remains that sellers are too passive. Rather than engaging buyers, they are waiting for the buyer to engage them; sad! Read More
Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” Henry Ford.

I love that saying because it is so apt for how people think about sales. Most of the current or prospective business owners I talk to tell me they can't sell, and because of their sales mindset, they are right.

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What if I hate selling? How can I run a small business? Stop selling ! Read why... and what to do instead. Read More
Multi-tasking is a good way not to get a whole bunch of things done at the same time. Single tasking leads to success one step at a time. Read More

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