Myths and Realities about Working from Home

Myths and Realities about Working from Home Avatar Posted by Maria Haubrich under Strategy
From 318 days ago
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NBC’s hit series “The Office” came to an end last month, but the virtual office is just beginning. In today’s post, Todd Miller, author of the book Going Virtual, and Mike Pugh, j2 Global small business expert, bust 3 common myths about working virtually. Read More

"Hiding" Behind Social Selling

"Hiding" Behind Social Selling Avatar Posted by dabrock under Sales
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Being social implies vulnerability. Someone may disagree with us, someone may not like us, someone may not want to engage with us, yet is willing to engage with our competitors. Prior to a lot of the social technologies, social was one to one, a personal connection. As with any personal contact it Read More
It does not matter if you are a company President, Operations Leader, Customer Service Representative, Sales & Marketing Director or “name your title”…the need for continuous self improvement is universal. Successful individuals make a proactive effort to continuously develop four Essential Skills Read More

People Are Missing the Point with Google+ Blog Comments

People Are Missing the Point with Google+ Blog Comments Avatar Posted by SusanBrown under Technology
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Many top bloggers have been installing the G+ commenting system on their Wordpress blogs. As more bloggers try out the new system, many have questioned whether it’s really worth the cost. But, in the midst of the debate over whether not it's a good idea, an important point is getting lost, and that Read More
The whole point of Instagram is photos. Your photo is the real purpose. Therefore, it’s important to create great photos in your stream. The great thing about Instagram, is that it gives you most of the tools you need to create stunning images every single time! Read More

Small Business Marketing Ideas

Small Business Marketing Ideas Avatar Posted by jeffshjarback under Marketing
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Marketing your small business can seem like a challenge. Some business owners are not sure where to start, or don’t have a large budget for advertising. However, there are many ideas that can help to market your small business at little or no cost. Read More
Learning how to market your business without breaking the bank is a serious challenge for most business owners.

When you own a business, it seems like every marketing and ad company has their hand out, waiting for you to put your hard-earned cash into it. Read More
If you want to save money in today’s business world, you will have to get creative. Specific types of businesses can save money in various ways, so be sure to analyze your business costs and how you can manipulate and minimize them. Read More

How to Choose the Right Tax Professional for You

How to Choose the Right Tax Professional for You Avatar Posted by MMarquit under Taxes
From 315 days ago
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Find out 4 important factors you need to consider when selecting a tax professional. These include factors such as specialty, credentials, comfort level, and cost. Read More
There are a number of advantages to starting an online business instead of a traditional brick and mortar business. Read More

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Chris Farmer @CorporateCoachG Trains Your Team

If you feel your management style is lacking, Chris Farmer has some ideas for that. Ironically, it was another … More
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