Hesitation Marks [podcast]

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Home Work podcast #144:

Dave and Aaron talk about tea, plastic chairs, writing habits, and shipping. Plus, far too much about Nine Inch Nails. But you'll love that, admit it. Read More
Freelancers are an increasing part of the business landscape these days. They are an important part of the small business world more specifically. Small businesses are increasingly hiring freelancers when possible to control costs and keep overhead low. But freelancers themselves are also small bus Read More
Trying to manage social media campaigns and marketing campaigns while also writing a blog and keeping your website up to date can be stressful. Especially when you have to produce fresh, new content for each platform. But creating great content doesn't need to be a task. Planning your content month Read More

4 Reasons Small Businesses Fail

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Most entrepreneurs start a new business with dreams of success, but the unfortunate fact is, too many of them fail. The U.S. Census Bureau showed the reality in hard terms – 400,000 small businesses opened and 470,000 SMBs closed their doors just last year. Read More
This time on Spark, stories to kick off your year ahead. We'll hear how changing a computer password changed one man's life, head down to Vegas, baby, for the story from this year's giant Consumer Electronics Show. We'll also stop and listen to the kids for a second, and hear what they have to say Read More

Reader Persona. All you need to know in one place

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Here’s the catch, in trying to please everyone you end up pleasing no one. There isn’t a product, service, or blog which would suit each one of us. Today just a few words about reader persona. About an imaginary character, a made up man, a person, who reads what you write about on your blog. Read More

Pin This! Statistics Small Businesses Can Use To Engage On Pinterest

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One of the hottest social networks right now is Pinterest. We’ve blogged about Pinterest before, but in case you haven’t dipped your toe into the pool of pins, here are some interesting statistics that may get you to jump in head first! Read More

There is Social Selling, and Then There is Social

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While there is a lot of chatter about social selling, much of it is the same old same old in new packaging. But there are ways that social media can and will differentiate sales people and their results. Read More
Have you ever been on a vacation and wished you could stay for one more week?
I know I have.
Going back to work always sucked.
What if you could stay at your favorite vacation spot a month or an entire year?
You have two options to live a location independent life.
Option 1 – You inherit lots Read More
Connecting with influential people in your industry online can be a great way to create massive buzz about your business. Here's how you can get started! Read More

This Could Be One of the Most Underestimated Employee Benefits

What's more important than salaries at your small business? Small business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes believe they …

Marie Forleo Kicks Ass For Small Business @marieforleo

Marie Forleo not only talks the talk. She also walks the walk. In 2001, she quit her job in publishing and embarked on … More
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