5 Lines That Will Instantly Lose You Sales

5 Lines That Will Instantly Lose You Sales Avatar Posted by ivanpw under Sales
From http://www.bizepic.com 1014 days ago
Made Hot by: DigiTechBlog on July 12, 2015 7:34 pm
In sales, avoid using the following deal-killing lines that NEVER lead anywhere good, and are nothing more than gas-on-the-fire when dealing with even the most mildly unhappy customer. Read More

Building a Strong Culture

Building a Strong Culture Avatar Posted by Rieva Lesonsky under Management
From http://www.smallbizdaily.com 1014 days ago
Made Hot by: centrifugePR on July 12, 2015 7:31 pm
Do you think your business is too small to have a “company culture”? Think again—creating a company culture isn’t just for big corporations. You can create a culture that benefits your employees, customers and small business. As MetLife notes in Culture Happens: How to Ensure It’s What You Want, “W Read More
Whether you agree or disagree with the June 26 decision by the Supreme Court declaring same-sex marriage a Constitutional right, there are important ramifications for your small business.
Here’s what you need to know. Read More

10 Golden Rules: Building An Impressive Online Store - XEN life

10 Golden Rules: Building An Impressive Online Store - XEN life Avatar Posted by Xen under Marketing
From http://xenlife.com.au 1014 days ago
Made Hot by: AmyJordan on July 12, 2015 7:18 pm
It is very important for you as a business or brand to first analyse how an online store will work for you. You may find the advantages of selling online outweigh the disadvantages. Doing proper research now will help throw your doubts out the window. Read More
Competition is unpleasant, specifically when you’re the one losing. But it’s life. If you run a business, you’re going to face competition, somewhere, somehow, someway. So how do you deal with the competition? Read More

How To Make Money Like Facebook With Online Ads

How To Make Money Like Facebook With Online Ads Avatar Posted by martinzwilling under Startups
From http://blog.startupprofessionals.com 1014 days ago
Made Hot by: robinandy58 on July 12, 2015 6:45 pm
One of the most popular and least successful models I see in new business plans for startups is the so-called Facebook model, providing free services to users while collecting revenue from ads to offset costs and grow the business. To make this work, you need heavy traffic on your site -- probably Read More

4 Things You Should Never Say to Your Customers

4 Things You Should Never Say to Your Customers Avatar Posted by cendrinemedia under Social Media
From http://blog.paper.li 1014 days ago
Made Hot by: NolanGreen on July 12, 2015 11:24 am
Have you ever lost patience while waiting in line because it wasn’t moving fast enough? Or have you felt annoyed after reading a nasty comment directed at you? I know I have.

And I have my limbic system to thank. Also known as the ’emotional brain’, this is the area of the brain that responds to Read More
It’s taken me years, but I’ve finally found a method for writing content that gets 100s of shares.

I’m not saying it’s the only method, or even the best method.

But it’s reliable and repeatable, and those are the most important things. Here’s what happened to our traffic when we started execu Read More

The Essential Differences Between Cash and Profits

The Essential Differences Between Cash and Profits Avatar Posted by PASAngelique under Finance
From http://articles.bplans.com 1015 days ago
Made Hot by: LimeWood on July 11, 2015 11:39 pm
"So, the moral of this story is do as I say, not as I did. Mind your cash flow. Don’t confuse profits with cash. I did manage to crawl out of the temporary cash flow problem, but it took extra mortgages and heavy credit card debt." Read More
This month is all about the trends that are shaping the future of our work as content marketers, and in Episode 130 of the Content Marketing Podcast, we talk about the rise of Millennials (Gen Y) and how we can better engage this powerful demographic. Read More

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