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As technology advances the tools available to small businesses around the world change. As the tools change, so do small business marketing strategies. Check out the latest marketing trends for small business. Read More
How can I get more Facebook Likes for my business? It's a burning question that ALL business owners ask their marketing agency. Until now, there has never really been a cost-effective way of building your Facebook community. Using tablets in-store has made collecting Facebook Likes much easier. Read More
Email marketing for business is a great marketing strategy. Far too often companies make mistakes in their email marketing. Avoid these 5 email marketing mistakes. Read More

An Easy Way To Get More Facebook Likes

An Easy Way To Get More Facebook Likes Avatar Posted by ryantaft under Social Media
From http://www.onspotsocial.com 1706 days ago
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A big challenge with social media marketing is getting more Facebook Likes. OnSpot Social allows you to use an iPad in store as an easier way to get Facebook Likes. Read More
Movie theaters using tablets for marketing is a trend that is just gaining traction. Soon all theaters will have tablets set up to engage consumers with digital content. Read More
Tablet Marketing is becoming a viable marketing strategy for companies looking to engage consumers with digital content while face-to-face in a real world setting. This article provides an overview of what in-store tablet marketing is, and how forward thinking organizations are leveraging it. Read More
Implementing an In-Store iPad Marketing campaign for your business could be a great way to enhance the customer experience in your store, but only if you have the right help. Read More
In-Store Marketing campaigns can help businesses capture high quality leads. Using an iPad in-store can help capture high quality digital leads for businesses. Read More
The future of retail will be filled with Technology-Enabled Storefronts. Retailers will leverage technology to engage customers in-store to provide more value to shoppers. Read More
The most frequently asked question of us from our customers is, where should I set up my iPad Kiosk in my store? You have options. Let's review them together. Read More

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