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Manhattan Bagel set up an iPad Kiosk in their store and used OnSpot Social to collect 300% more customer email addresses than they normally do during a one month period. Read More
Do you want more Facebook Likes? Why not convert the customers who come into your store into Facebook Likes? Set up an iPad kiosk in your store to get Facebook likes. Read More
Use QR codes in your store to serve up product videos to your customers. Engage customers in your store to increase the time they spend in store. Read More
Has anyone else noticed how many different facets of our lives that Appleā€™s iPad has changed? Education. Yep. Healthcare. You bet. Entertainment. For sure. As we move into 2012, another iPad trend is forming. iPad is starting to change how businesses and customers interact. Read More
Want Facebook Likes? Need Twitter followers? Would you like to collect more customer email addresses? Run an event & collect social media connections on iPad. Read More
Restaurants should run Twitter contests to engage their patrons while they have a meal at the restaurant. Restaurants can run a Tweet & Eat Twitter Contest. Read More
Looking for new ways to add customers to your email marketing list? Collect customer email addresses in your store through an iPad Kiosk and OnSpot Social. Read More
Want more Facebook Likes? Need more Twitter followers? Looking to collect more customer email? OnSpot Social helps you collect social media followers in store. Read More
Have you considered using iPad in your store as a marketing tool? Setting up an iPad in your store would be a great way to engage your customers. Read More
More businesses are beginning to realize the impact using iPad in-store can make on their marketing efforts. Use iPad in-store to engage customers. Read More

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