The West Wing's creator, Aaron Sorkin, thinks not.Today, the social network monster has surpassed its main competitor MySpace, which currently has 117.6 million visitors compared to Facebook's 132.1 million unique visitors. It ranks 5th place amongst all websites in terms of world traffic.Given these facts, Sorkin had a good reason to come up with Read More
LinkedIn is a social networking website that is geared specifically towards business members. It enables users to build up a network of existing and new business contacts (called connections). Read More
With the cost of gasoline and airfare rising, sales managers need to squeeze every bit of savings out of their travel expenses. At the same time, they must increase sales in a slower economy. This article shows how computerized mapping and GPS helps do both. Read More
Direct mail and email marketing have gotten a bad rap for many years. But, when the email marketing is executed properly, the results can be fantastic. That is the sort of email marketing that Winton Churchill talks about in this book. It's not just a simple email being sent from time to time, but it is an email system that gets definite and posit Read More
Ever increasing gasoline prices, food costs soaring, struggling financial markets. The economic news just hasn't been good, and there's no indication that things are going to get better any time soon. But, do tough economic times spell only gloom and doom? Are there opportunities to be had even in the darkest days of a recession? Read More
Pre-empting an objection means that you bring an objection that you expect to hear early in the sales call and then deal with the objection so it cannot be brought up again. Make sure to answer any common questions and concerns before the client can ask. By pre-empting objections before the client can raise them, you decrease resistance. Read More
Know your audience. Tailor your presentation to your prospective customers. To do that, consider what they are likely to need from you. Use terminology they'll understand and make sure you are familiar with their business jargon. That will help you to establish common ground with them. Read More
Maintaining a healthy sales pipeline is the key to consistent and predictable sales performance. Everybody feels better when there are enough qualified opportunities "in the works" to forecast strong sales in the future. The best way to ensure an increase in future revenue is to focus on building your sales pipeline today. Read More
What do leaders need to know about intellectual property strategy? The potential of IP, the opportunity cost of IP, and the true meaning of using IP strategically. Read More
Our children probably won't need to have any computer skills. Of course THIS franchise company disagrees... Read More

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