Getting a small business loan can be a great way to access the working capital you need. However, before submitting your application, there are a few things you should do to help improve your odds of approval and ensure a smooth repayment. Read More
Industry-specific loans can provide your small business with working capital when you need it. Pick up some tips on how to get an industry-specific loan here. Read More
There are right ways and wrong ways to go about developing a strategy to attract the right investors into your startup enterprise. And there are definitely more than a few that should top your list.

Follow these 7 tips and you’ll soon have to start turning investors away! Read More
With each new customer, piece of inventory, and sale, your business is growing and expanding, and it’s all good. But growth can be overwhelming if one day, you realize that you’re desperate for more help, falling behind, and can’t seem to catch up. Where do you go from here? Read More
Unless you’re a mathlete, accounting can be the most boring part of running your own small business. From meticulously tracking expenses to figuring out personal and business taxes, and everything in between, plenty of entrepreneurs find the financial side of things to be dull or frustrating, compa Read More
Here is the problem with venture capital: A lot of startups think they should be VC-funded, but are fundamentally not set up for it.

When you raise venture capital, the simple and common assumption is that your company needs to grow 10x in its valuation over a 5–7 year time frame.

Most compan Read More
The American Express Business Green Rewards card is the most affordable of Amex’s business charge card suite. With a $95 annual fee that doesn’t kick in until the second year, a solid rewards rate of 1 Membership Rewards Point per $1 spent and 2 points per $1 on travel purchases made through Amex’s Read More
It is important to know the differences between private VC and corporate VC to determine if they are right for your startup. So, what are the similarities and differences? Read More
Everything is faster—that’s perhaps the biggest upside all the technological advancements in recent years. This extends even to the time spent waiting on small-business loan applications: What used to take weeks or months is now measured in days, or even hours. InterNex Capital, an online alternati Read More
InterNex feels like they’ve identified a large gap in the alternative lending market. While banks don’t often focus on lines of credit as small as $250,000, lots of other lenders focus on lines up to or less than $50,000. That’s a sizeable gap that the company hopes to help address.

Read More

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