To drink coffee or tea is the question. What's your answer? Did you know that there are several health benefits of coffee and tea? Here is an infographic with all the information on your favorite beverage, tea or coffee.

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When you have lived outside of your home country, it becomes important to you to keep in touch, not only with your home country friends and relatives, but the ones you make in your new country, and then you try to keep in touch with them as you move around further. Read More
In the latest #TYBCommunity round-up we include posts about Twitter’s “while you were away” feature, recycling your blog posts, history of email, rules of blogging, Facebook algorithm, entrepreneursip and lots more. Read More
This is a +6500 words guide, where I share my knowledge and experience of 5 years of blogging.

It’s plenty of useful resources, secrets, tips and tools I use daily on NoPassiveIncome blog to earn a living online. Read More
I introduce you X (created by ThemeCo), all in one solution theme for your WordPress blog.

X Theme developers asked nine among the top internet marketers to share their experience in order to convert their knowledge and training material into this ultimate theme.

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Maybe you're planning on traveling, not for fun, but for business. Maybe for your job or teaching English abroad.

Here are 5 reasons, you might want to reconsider...

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Japanese multinationals need to globalize their business further if they wish to grow rather than stagnate, and to do so requires the ability to develop and manage businesses outside of Japan. Read More
This #TYBCommunity round-up includes posts from growing your social media audience, Pinterest statistics, Facebook competitions, successful inbound marketing, automate your blog promotions, crao content is dead, location independent business, email list management and more. Read More
Do you know what the World needs now? What do you think is the most important thing that can bring a change in the world? It needs love and peace, more than ever. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi showed us the way to protest peacefully, non-violently.

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There will be 2 billion of smart phone users by 2015, according to this study by eMarketer. And more than 80% of internet users will be from mobile.

If you haven’t done it yet, then you need to make your website mobile-friendly today.

You don’t want to lose potential readers (or customers)!
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Learn How to Build a Firm Benefits Foundation

While health care reform hasn’t gone into full swing mode yet, your business can lay a firm foundation for 2015 by following …

Cecil Wampler @CecilWampler Studies Workplace Psychology

You may have sometimes felt your boss, co-workers or employees needed a therapist. But did you know there is a … More
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