Resources for writing a blog post, successful content, twitter search, management skills, exporting to Europe and lots more in this latest #TYBCommunity roundup. This is our community news round-up where we share information from the blogs and other sources we follow. Read on to find out how you ca Read More
When most people think of SEO, and the money that a highly ranked page will bring to them, they only ever think of pleasing the almighty Google machine.

What is the second largest search engine? Yahoo? Bing? Wrong, wrong and WRONG.

The world’s second largest search engine is YouTube. Read More
On Tuesday 15th April the UK Government are hosting a livechat – with plans to discuss exactly how big data can help transform public services and kickstart business innovation. Read More
If you’re going to be a product entrepreneur, sooner or later you will have to deal with counterfeit products. It doesn’t matter if you’re a tiny one item inventor or NIKE, it happens to everyone. Read More
Misunderstanding cultural differences is one of the top reasons international business deals fall through. As the world's largest continent, Asia is also one of its most diverse-resulting in widely different business cultures and etiquette styles. Read More
Suddenly, everything became a small business. I guess it’s easier to keep a track of things, and the ever growing marketing strategies – when you label yourself as a small business. Read More
In this post you are going to read how you can earn money while simply using Klinkk and being active in the community! Read More
Social media and online branding expert Jonny Ross, of Leeds-based Jonny Ross Consultancy, shares his thoughts on how Yorkshire businesses can harness the power of Google and protect themselves from falling foul of the internet giant.
Read More
Another friend asked the Windows laptop v. Macbook question on her Facebook today. You can predict what happens next. The cult came by.As with the last time a friend asked the same question.

The cult always comes and proclaims the superiority of the Apple Macintosh. And it is a blinding proclama Read More
I think there are two sides to the web, the one is where the customer only knows about the product as a means to an end, and the other being the developer who created the product – he knows both sides, and they both are very profitable.
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