Franchise owners and employees need to know a few steps that they should be taking this year... Read More
You might find it ironic to combine the word “Global” and “Home”. They are completely antonyms in reality. When we say Global we are pertaining to the world. On the other hand, home is just limited to the four corners of the house. What is great with this irony is that there is indeed a way to open the walls of your home to dominate the global mar Read More
The first question that may come into your mind when starting a business with nothing is “What kind of business should I choose?”. To answer this question, you must always evaluate yourself. Know your personality, know your niche and know the available materials needed to start a business. Bootstrappers usually opt to offer services rather than p Read More
Starting a small business may overwhelm the entrepreneurs because it comprises a broad area of challenges. Every step you make should be well counted and challenges never seem to end. The main reason why some business owners cannot make it to survive the challenges is because they missed the fundamentals in small business. We should always go back Read More
Everything that you do for your small business is a reflection of your inner energy. The inner energy is not tangible but it can be felt. On the visible level, you are doing things such as emailing, meeting a client, sending newsletter, and developing marketing strategies. These are the things that can be seen, but what drives these tangible activi Read More
It irks me that people and media feel justified in deriding our generation. Almost daily I read about how lazy, fickle, disloyal and demanding generation Y is yet so rarely is voice given to the truth that we Gen Y have different attitudes, and workplace expectations to the existing generations. Read More
Marketing costs are going up, so why not charge a fee for a white paper? Sounds reasonable, no? NO! This blog post will tell you why this is a bone-headed strategy that is limited to a limited number of specialty marketers. Read More
It should take about 10 minutes to read this SEO tutorial for beginners, but implementing it will begin a process that will make a difference for your search engine rankings — you'll rank higher and convert more effectively. Read More
In an earlier entry linking to a post at the GirlOpinion blog, aspiring entrepreneur Mary Grace Ignacio talks about Google Wave and its possible applications (which are many) for the small business community. Though I realize not all our visitors are necessarily in the Web development set, I thought I would include this detailed if lengthy video o Read More
In this article, Mike Conlon expresses his opinion about the trend of the pair USD/JPY. There could be a major reversal technically due to the huge hammer price action. Fundamentally, Japan reported that consumer price fell a record 2.4% as deflation is putting further pressure on a already fragile Japanese economy. Also, Bank of Japan Officials a Read More

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