This post assumes you understand the stakeholder and can give them value. It assumes you are using the right media forms to reach out. If you're really good, you already have relationships in play. How do you get you through the noise? Well, as we have learned repeatedly over the years. Simplicity in communications. Read More
“Value” is a word that gets tossed about quite liberally in the business world, attached to anything that has any sort of perceived worth. Things are billed as “bringing value” or “adding value” or “providing value”. The trouble is, value is in the eye of the beholder. I've especially heard it a great deal in relation to blogs and Twitter lately, Read More
Subprime blogger has been very negative on the state of the economy and future of this country, but today, we are going to explain why you should should invest in America right now. Read More
We've spoken quite a bit about the special circumstances that surround the small businesses marketing budget -- along with the scarcity of your time as a small business owner. Building pages or writing copy that serves only one purpose is good, but using that same content for two applications is even better when you're barely finding time to wri Read More
When search marketers get together at a pub and talk, the conversation inevitably turns to Google's near-monopolistic share of web search. For many of us that are new to the field, Google has consistently been the market leader and focus of most of our efforts. But this wasn't always the case. Have a look from a historical perspective: Read More
5 Reasons Why Starting a New Blog Can Be Good for You... Read More
I think all bloggers should consider the benefits of having a forum linked to their blog. Here are three of the advantages I've found. Read More
Generating a good flow inbound leads is just the first step towards building an effective sales machine. Here is quick slideshare presentation on a very simple but critical step in making the most out of your inbound leads. Read More
Failing is a part of succeeding. It comes with wanting to be able to succeed. Succeeding just determines how many times you are willing to try again after you have failed. Read More
A series comprised of email interviews with professionals who's businesses/positions have let them form an opinion as to how design may or may not lend to the growth and success of their products or services. Read More

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