Skipping lunch leads to a loss of concentration and reduced productivity, this can cost businesses millions. Read More
Every year someone comes out with a new article about design trends. They talk about colors and layout and how that ties to the newest trends. We are writing about five design trends which will never go out of fashion. So instead of redesigning your website year after year think about these trends Read More
The emergence of Gen Z consumers offer multiple marketing and business opportunities to retailers. It's about time they grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Read More
Google Search Console are the easiest way to consider what information is being displayed and also identifying quick win situations. Working through the Google Search console from top to bottom, I would look for any errors or warnings. Read More
Government IT represents a significant percentage of tech spending. Here's some idea where you can expect your tax dollars to be spent in 2017.
Read More
iPhone 8 models coming in 2017 will have curved screen and organic LED display. Though the curved display rumor has been floating in the market for a long time. Read More
Elegant MicroWeb analyzed, tested and released an online restaurant ordering system with payment gateways and other system integration. Read More
When you built your website, you expected customers to instantly get attracted to it and convert them into customers. Just like Kevin Costner’s Ray Kinsella in the ‘Field of Dreams,’ you thought if you built it people would come and visit it. Read More
I shop for everything online: clothes, jewelry, tires, travel, and furniture. I don’t just shop — I buy too! Recently, I was shopping for a mattress; mine is in need of replacing. I decided to buy online because the ones I have tried in the stores did not turn out all that great, whereas the last o Read More
A new survey from office furniture providers DBI Furniture Solutions has revealed that 46% of UK workers say they do not have enough time for exercise. Read More

This Could Be One of the Most Underestimated Employee Benefits

What's more important than salaries at your small business? Small business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes believe they …

Kelly McCausey @kellymccausey Shows Solo Smarts

Kelly McCausey is used to functioning as the small business equivalent of a one woman show. Her Website … More
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