Is it time for a town hall meeting inside the Beltway? Did you watch the town hall program with John Stossel and Gary Johnson & his running mate, William Weld? Read More
Here are some very useful tools most suitable for iPhone/iOS apps developers Xcode, Coda, Versions, Kaleidoscope, ImageOptim, Cloud, LittleSnapper, Chocolat, Alfred and more... Read More
Pinterest has been adding new features to help businesses reach their target audiences in the platform. One of the most recent updates is a promoted video feature. And Pinterest isn’t the only online platform making changes. Crowdfunding site Kickstarter also added a follow feature, making it more Read More
Apple releases iOS 10 beta 8 download update for developers. The iOS 10 beta 8 / iOS 10 GM is available to download on iPhone and iPad devices directly. Read More
PayPal gives online retailers an option to take payments from customers whilst sending the money to a physical banking institution. This piece takes a look at how e-commerce has been positively impacted through the rise of PayPal. Read More
All modern business depends heavily on technology to keep functioning, so it’s no surprise that it’s going to eat up a large part of your resources. With the right approach, you can dodge all the trial and error, and hit your IT on the head the first time around. Here’s some of the most valuable ad Read More
Need to increase confidence? Sydney life coach can be like a concerned parent in certain ways and be there to make sure you are motivated. A life coach also comes with experience and knowledge that they can lend you and give you proven methods to succeed. Read More
Here are some techniques and important facts about how to create iPhone/iOS Or Android mobile application. Read more all about mobile app development details visit our blog page. Read More
Weekly Technology Recap

This Week's Byte Include:

1. Twitter Allows You to Filter Posts
2. Uber and Volvo Team Up to Ship Autonomous Vehicles
3. Google's New Video Calling App Duo Finally Arrives on Android and iOS
4. Uber Acquires Autonomous Truck Maker Otto
5. Uber Now Will Now Let Ride Read More
The approach to the game depends on what you are looking for. If you love Pokemon Go and find the exploration more enticing, you are in for a treat as we are going to discuss some simple hacks to gain more experience points (XP) points in an ethical way. Read More

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