The Federal Communications Commission has approved a license to enable Alphabet's X innovation lab to set up its Project Loon communications system to provide emergency cell service to hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico. Read More
The development of technology and the creation of new techniques will continue to change the identity design profession. Gone are the days when fluency in the Adobe Suit was all that was required from your technical abilities. The recent years have brought VR/ AR and other web and mobile technologi Read More
Trees are not so green anymore, and soon we’ll forget we were ever complaining about the bad weather in summer.

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When you are looking at mapping your next web development project, it’s not a question of if you are going to sort out your content, but when.

Content is an integral part of website project. Even if you aren’t planning on doing any rewrites, you still need to know how much content to port across Read More
SEO is always an afterthought when it comes to designing a website as a need for companies. The task including taking photograph, designing mock-ups, tailoring content take center stage as there are 100s of things which need to be done for a website to come alive. Read More
Web design has seen a big boom since its inception somewhere in the mid 1990’s when Javascript hit the screens it became easier to build more dynamic and attractive websites. Then with the advent of Content Management Systems, it became easier for those who don’t have a background in coding to buil Read More
Like many business owners and experts you enter the search term which is relevant to your company to check if you are visible on SERPs. And when you receive reports of the website traffic, you concentrate on organic visitors and the ranking you have achieved for each of the targeted keywords. Read More
Running an ecommerce business has plenty of advantages over other types of companies. You can do it from anywhere with an internet connection. You don’t have the overhead of maintaining a storefront, and you don’t need to fret over the ideal location of said storefront. But that doesn’t mean it com Read More
You have started your business with a thought frame behind it and developed a website and now you’re waiting for it to hit big time. But are you seeing the results or has business been slower than expected? Well if it is the latter then you must have missed something in the advertising and marketin Read More
No matter how brilliant or sexy your blog design is, if your visitors find it difficult to reach your posts, then your blog is just an empty vessel, believe it or not. Read More

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