Today, the newest members of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary family were revealed and many of them are straight out of the digital age. In the collegiate dictionary’s announcement, a few of the 150 new words from this year were listed and more than half involve our modern obsession with technology, Read More
We know the art of asking someone out has disintegrated from in-person to over the phone call, from SMS messages to private messages on social networks. But did we ever think where social networks would facilitate the process of asking someone out with one click of the mouse? Facebook has now made Read More
In today's FeedBlitz: Rewind the Week, we look at Google's game changing court judgement, a scary new hack attack, and new advances in 3D printing. Read More
From FCC toTwitter’s new mute feature and cat saving boy’s life. So much going on this week and we got it covered. Read More
Google/Youtube reportedly want to buy Twitch, a live streaming video game site, for $1 Billion. The deal is underway and the acquisition announcement may break any time soon. Read More
The FCC’s vote yesterday to move forward with a proposal that could threaten net neutrality was received by plenty of protest and criticism, especially from those personally or professionally invested in the Internet. Several of our web developers at Saltsha helped explain what the backlash is all Read More
Google has made a bold move and has integrated Paypal payments within Google Play, given that Paypal was considered a competitor to Google Wallet. Read More
Technology is evolving at a rate so astounding that even the experts shake their heads some days. But with every new smartphone or wireless router that enters the market, there are a slew of hackers out there waiting, watching and working to figure out new ways to hack into those devices and gather Read More
Facebook launched a FbStart, a new program aimed to help startups grow by offering free Facebook advertising and free access to tools for product testing, recruiting and more with a value as high $30,000. Read More
In January, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals essentially struck down the 2010 Open Internet Order. Today, the FCC voted to create new rules and regulations regarding net neutrality, leaving the door open for potential “two lane” Internet.
Read More

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