When it comes to smartphones, it is overwhelming how many options you have out there. There are different styles, different brands, and of course the rivalry between Apple and Android. Well, how do you know which one will work best for you? Here's a list of the Hottest Upcoming Smartphone Releases Read More
The 2013 yearly review, is a mosaic of the most interested topics and posts, published in my blog and in other sites. Read More
this article discussed the perks of online meetings. Keep in mind though that for this to be truly beneficial, you should know how to maximise its usage. Read More
With all the Google Apps in Google Play, Japan topped the US Sales. It seems that Japanese applications which are mostly games continue to rule the application industry. Read More
Here are the latest news for the week. There are some good news about finance that you should catch and more. Read More
Cloud-based accounting solutions are always going to be more convenient, more secure, and more efficient to use than "non-connected" accounting software packages Read More
If you have been trying to access Yahoo mail for days, then you're not alone when you see it not displaying or constantly hanging. That's because of Yahoo itself. Here's the release. Read More
Square, a known credit card reader company, has now acquired the team of viewfinder. More than the app, it wants a team of creative programmers who can somehow improve their processes. Read More
The NFIB small business optimism index for November is in! Here's what it says and what you should plan for in December. Read More
Hiscox has declared a new head for their small business marketing. It is Brian Price. The insurance company is now marketing to small businesses with its new head. Let's see how far they can go. Read More

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