Don’t do online banking or share any sensitive information while using unsecured Wi-Fi networks. We are well aware of this advice but the question is, why is using the public Wi-Fi network dangerous? Read More
Today, there are more mobile-connected devices than perhaps the number of people around. Every minute is important for small businesses and wireless networks are one of the most powerful tools to boost productivity as well as encourage information sharing. With untethered access to applications, em Read More
The Consumer Electronics Show is still generating buzz with all of its great gadgets! Check out some of the best entertainment consumer goods in the latest Tek Shouts! post, which features a human-commanded drone, a gorgeous new Chevy, and the perfect gaming laptop. Read More
Getting a business started or launching a blog online requires a domain name as the first thing. Your domain name becomes the address of your online home so you have to take special care when choosing a good domain name. When I bought my domain name, I read many articles at how to choose best domai Read More
One of my websites was recently targeted from hackers by large scale. Having received 100,000 hits in one single day forced me to come up with a strategy to immediately stop the attacks as well as to prevent any further damage. – Connecting the website to a CDN that managed certain security issues Read More
With so much happening around the communities, it is that time of the year when everyone is fresh and came out of a long year-end vacation. Nonetheless, it is always a good thing to start the year planning with your New Year resolutions other than ‘I will stick to the diet plan this year’ resolutio Read More
Feeling the winter blues? January can be a drab month for a lot of people but don’t let grey weather keep you from making the most of your time. This may be the perfect time to get out of your normal routine and try out a business event near you. You may even want to travel a bit, if the event is w Read More
Whether it’s responding to help desk tickets or informing employees about critical updates, the way in which IT communicates internally within an enterprise is changing. No longer can IT expect employees to take time out of their busy day to try and absorb information that fails to capture their un Read More
Wireless networks were not in popular usage even a decade before. With broadband technology, wireless has invaded our homes as well. It’s a convenience that frees us from the chains of Ethernet cables if it works and if it doesn’t, it’s really a headache. Read More
It would be a nice shift to ask entrepreneurs to tell me what they feel grateful for. I found that whether it’s a new space, growth for your business, or the love and support of family, there’s a lot of gratitude to go around. Read More

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