A Wikipedia page for the missing plane was established less than eight hours after the flight disappeared, and has grown from just 85 words to well over 4,000, and has been edited thousands of times. And Tomnod, a digital mapmaking company's platform for crowd sourcing satellite imagery, 3 million Read More
PicMonkey an online photo editing tool, commissioned a study to probe American adults about the selfies they've posted online - and the selfies they wish they'd kept to themselves. Here's what they found out. Read More
Microsoft on Tuesday "dusted off" the source code for early versions of MS-DOS and Microsoft Word for Windows released it to the public for the first time. The tech giant Microsoft partnered with the CA-based Computer History Museum in San Jose on the project. Read More
It is a well known fact that ERP lets business organizations accomplish real business process automation by streamlining significant day-to-day activities across the organization.

Like millions of business organization, is your business organization also in a tricky situation whether it is the r Read More
Facebook has just released a new programming language named Hack, that will allow programmers to write code faster with less errors. It is an open-source language facilitating developers to write and deliver bug-free code quickly. Read More
Interview with David Leonhardt - The Happy Guy Marketing at WebmaisterPro - social network for web professionals. Read More
The 2nd blogging contest at WebmaisterPro - social network for web professionals. Blogging contests start on 21st of March 2014 and will run for 1 month. Join us now! Read More
Google Docs and Google Drive users beware of a new sophisticated phishing scam, find out how you can protect yourself. Read More
The rumors about Google creating a smartwatch of its own might be true. The tech giant today announced Android Wear, a platform for its wearable devices. In other words, it won't be long before Google's Android OS will be connecting users beyond just smartphones, tablets and Google Glass. Read More
A new study from researchers claims yawning helps cool our brain and you’d be amazed by what you see Read More

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