There is a finite number of people in the world – about 7 billion. No business or government can have more customers than the world population. So what do world’s people do every day? Read More
In business, learning what not to do can be just as important as learning what to do. Mistakes are a natural part of running a business. But when you can learn from other entrepreneurs’ mistakes, you might just be able to avoid some costly errors of your own.
In this week’s Small Business Trends c Read More
The diagnosis of diseases at a sudden moment of time can be disheartening for patients. The checkups at regular intervals help in diagnosing activities and movement of body parts. The detection of a disease at a checkup can be as shocking as it can be. Read More
Many people assume their data is secure and safe on the web, without realizing that everything from social media data (including friend connections and types of media posted) to even sensitive identifying data like social security numbers and birth dates are up for sale by entities called data brok Read More
“Creating awareness” is one of those phrases you hear a lot, but it’s always seemed wishy-washy to me. It’s like the second cousin of marketing or the next door neighbor of branding. Read More
Have you ever wondered if your city is one that’s friendly to small businesses, that attracts small businesses and has a thriving small business scene?
Well, here is a list of the 25 Best Small Business Cities as determined by Biz2Credit’s third annual analysis of The Best Small Business Cities in Read More
Is your retail store suffering from your belief in common retail myths? InReality’s first “Reality of Retail Report” debunks some common beliefs about the state of brick-and-mortar retail. Here’s a closer look at fact versus fiction. Read More
In this blog we are going to talk about top mobile app development platforms which have covered 99% global Smartphone market. Read More
Nowadays, health services management programs come as great options to aspirants who want to avail job opportunities in hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, healthcare businesses, clinics and other medical areas.
Read More
Optimism among small businesses about the national economy is up from last year rising from 42 percent in 2014 to 47 percent this year.
That’s according to the recently released 2015 Chase Business Leaders Outlook. For the annual outlook, JP Morgan Chase surveyed 2,000 small business leaders to fi Read More

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