Psychology Today has mentioned and studied the behavior of Generation Zers and Millenials and they found that they are more likely to express themselves through emoji format over typing their thoughts and feelings conventionally. What’s more is that using emojis to express themselves in a larger fa Read More
Think back to when domains started to be introduced in the market. Many smart people bought domains with seemingly simple ideas such as, These started selling for the huge amount of money when the internet caught on selling for millions and millions of dollars and transformed h Read More
When you need a website to be built within days because you don’t want to lose out to your competitors because of lack of resource, or not lose your customers because they can’t find you online, then a website builder is most useful because you don’t want to hear a web designer that the best he can Read More
Having readable, clear and balanced contrast typography with a sensible chain of info will make it a lot easier for the visitors to read the content on your business or e-commerce website. Or you can highlight or summarize the important points, as the visitors are mostly looking for specific info a Read More
People have a misconception of the role played by web design of a website. Many people consider web design as just a tool to improve the feel and look of a website. However, your site should look more than a digital brochure. You can achieve different business objectives using web design as a tool. Read More
It’s no secret that traditional shopping malls have struggled in recent years. eCommerce giants like Amazon have taken a huge chunk out of their business. And retail stores just can’t compete price-wise. But there is something that malls can provide that online stores really can’t. And they’re star Read More
Building a website can be as easy as dragging and dropping widgets onto your site. But the problem with such do-it-yourself web design companies is that it emphasizes ease of use, but the website which you create may be often looking amateurish or it can become a cookie-cutter copy of other company Read More
National Small Business Week is just around the corner. That means there are plenty of different events and opportunities for small businesses to network and grow.
One such opportunity is an upcoming Twitter chat hosted by SCORE. The #SmallBusinessWeek Twitter chat takes place on May 2 and will fe Read More
Think, act and perform like a publication. Take the time to structure your blog to mimic a news site. Make it user-friendly, easily noting sections and serving visitors with an easy helpful experience. Read More
Customers are skeptical about the personal data that they share. Brands that allow them to have control over their information will establish customer loyalty. Read More

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