Learn the features & benefits of Journey Builder- an automated customer mapping tool that empowers marketers to design and automate responsive & personalized campaigns. Read More
A detailed look at how crypto-currency such as bitcoin can be integrated with mobile point of sale technology. Virtual currency and contactless mobile transactions provide an opportunity for businesses to gain larger market share for less cost. Read More
A campaign launched by Apple will now allow its customers support the initiative of World AIDS Day 2014. Apple has announced that in this campaign it plans to donate a part of the money received through app purchases on the App store to a Global Fund which helps people all over the world fight AIDS Read More
Going into the new year, there are some big developments brewing around the ways that consumers spend and interact with businesses both large and small. For independent entrepreneurs to remain competitive, they need to be one step ahead of the rest of the pack. Read More
Facebook launches Groups app to facilitate online gatherings on mobile devices. This app will make it easier for users to create, manage and interact with personal or private groups. Read More
Google has entered the world of in-car infotainment with the launch of its latest software named as Android Auto API. This app integrates various aspects of entertainment and information and transmits it on your car’s dashboard. Read More
If you, like many others, were under the false impression the double check marks in Whatsapp meant that a message had been read, think again. The messaging service recently rolled out a new blue tick system that actually means a message has been read. Read More
The GCC Big Data Analytics Summit highlights big data innovations impacting Middle Eastern government agencies, transport authorities, and other industries. Read More
CIWare is a proactive BI solution which automatically discovers what is wrong in company performance and its root causes. Read More
Business Instincts Group dreams big. According to its promo video on its site, there is no company like it in the world that can take a product from an idea to launch like them. With UrtheCast and Slyce as part of its portfolio, Business Instincts brings some credibility to the stage.

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