I am in the money business; always have been and always will be. No surprise I am approached by hundreds of young ambitious entrepreneurs every year asking:

How do you create real wealth in an age of intense competition and wealth destruction? Read More
Golfing, TV streaming, and blogging. How do they go together? Find out, in today's FeedBlitz: Rewind the Week - Golf Gadget Edition! Read More
If you want to make and keep money, you need to know how successful people have done it and are likely to do it in the future. Beware though of confirmation bias. Read More
Google has added the Occasional reminder option which will reminds you about your important recurring task lists. Read More
Google Now can now act as your personal task list manager as Google has silently rolled out an “occasionally” option in the reminders. There are some tasks for which you cannot set a specific time or date to be reminded about, but those tasks need to be reminded or followed up on a regular basis. F Read More
For very female that studies computer science as a course in college, it is scarce to see women interested in computer not to talk of programming, and by the time they finish their study, they become unqualified for the market, that is why Google in partnership with an online Educator called “Code Read More
So, you’ve build a really great blog. That’s great! But can you vouch it will present good ROI (return on investment). But with social media marketing efforts, you can definitely drive in more customers and end up generating good revenues.
Read More
Since 2010 the number of self-employed individuals in the UK has grown by over 400,000! A true entrepreneur movement. But who are these modern entrepreneur’s? In this infographic we look at the modern phenomena and rise of the Mumpreneur and Dadprenuer. Read More
The SBA has been called out by internal watchdogs who claim that they used large volumes of rejected or forwarded applications to pad their average turnaround times. Read More
Google is going to shut down India's most popular social networking site 'Orkut' on September 30, 2014. Read More

Free, Fast & Easy: A new way to communicate benefits to employees

  We know that as a small business owner, you have your hands full. Aflac has made it easier for you to communicate …

Devan Perine @devanmarie Is Community Manager at EnMast

Businesses owners are in need of advice. But sometimes they haven't got the budget for the experience they require. … More
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