Cyber Monday overthrew the infamous Black Friday. What does this mean, and how did it happen? J.H. has got the answers in this article. Read More
L.T. highlights the recent struggles between Google and the European Union. The Right to Be Forgotten was granted in order to protect personal identities, but for now it only proves more cumbersome for the U.S.-based Search Engine King. Read More
Ecommerce is booming, and with record online shopping sales last December, many retailers are hoping for similar busy sales period this Christmas. While the high street still enjoys high footfall over the festive period, the ease of online shopping is a far greater pull for those who want convenien Read More
An overview of all the Google updates between 1997 and 2014 that have shaped digital marketing as we know it today. Read More
If you're considering starting your own business and need a great place to start, SiteSell is offering a tremendous holiday special: Read More
Silicon India magazine selects SINGSYS as STARTUP of the year 2014.

To cater the repetitive and increasing demand of web and mobile services coming from across the globe, Singsys decided to put their footprint in IT Sector in 2009. Singsys has been consistently ranked among top 10 app developer Read More
Samsung has been planning on merging a number of its key affiliates for quite some time now, in order to concentrate and develop the three main sectors of its vast international business, namely construction, electronics and finance. Read More
Learn the features & benefits of Journey Builder- an automated customer mapping tool that empowers marketers to design and automate responsive & personalized campaigns. Read More
A detailed look at how crypto-currency such as bitcoin can be integrated with mobile point of sale technology. Virtual currency and contactless mobile transactions provide an opportunity for businesses to gain larger market share for less cost. Read More
A campaign launched by Apple will now allow its customers support the initiative of World AIDS Day 2014. Apple has announced that in this campaign it plans to donate a part of the money received through app purchases on the App store to a Global Fund which helps people all over the world fight AIDS Read More

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