In this video about starting a food blog you will find: Step 1: Getting a reliable hosting on Blueho... Read More
Google trusts a website when there are quality back links from reputed website back to the site. Building a solid reputation for your website is essential or Google will rank you lower than other websites in your domain. Read More
Whether you know it or not, Google is not frequently updating Page Rank of websites. PR (Page Rank) used to be considered as one of the most important metrics of a website by bloggers and web masters. Read More
So you wonder how to start a blog? Then you are in the right place, because I’ll not only show you how to do that, but I’ll also show you the exact steps I’ll take to turn this blog into a 7-figure generating business in less than 12 months. Read More
Launching a new blog? Thinking about choosing the right hosting ( )? Don't worry, give a try to WPX h. Read More
Growing a site from zero to 10,000 monthly visitors is a BIG deal.

Did you know that 81% of blogs NEVER get more than 100 visitors a day?

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Search Engine Optimization is the thing of the present to drive meaningful traffic to your website. It is therefore the strongest form of marketing strategy out there due to the sheer volume of traffic that can be funneled to your site. While SEO is a guaranteed way to achieve marketing goals, the Read More
Although, cost is the main prerequisite to choosing hiring a Web Design Company; cutting down costs is not good when you want to reap the reward and gain better results. The question is how to calculate the cost while hiring an agency. Businesses need to conduct research on their areas of spending Read More
To succeed in this competitive market, it is the most important to have the best user experience for your customer and this should be the bottom line of the company. Marketing has seen a sea of change when it comes to the different options available to choose from with the power of social media and Read More
Do you want to become a successful blogger?

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