The build-your-own-burger concept first appeared at a McDonald’s in California last year. The location that currently offers the customization option, a restaurant in Laguna Niguel, offers the option of using tablets to craft an individualized burger alongside the traditional menu. Read More
According to a recent study by Pew Research, only 44% of Americans self-identify as being middle class. As the study chart below shows, this is down from 53% prior to the Great Recession. Over the same time frame the percent... Read More
Life360, the communications app for families, is partnering with BMW to give as many as 10 founders the chance to pitch a well-known VC for 15 minutes, in the backseat of a BMW i3 during SXSW in Austin, Texas. The VCs include Christine Herron from Intel Capital and Ethan Kurzweil from Bessemer Vent Read More
Pixel Productions Inc. hires award winning eCommerce and multimedia developer, Kevin Williams, to head up their eCommerce and multimedia department. This is a strategic move for Pixel to help businesses build their brands online. Read More
CVS has shown leadership in the industry by deciding to stop selling tobacco products, but can it change their perception and position in the marketplace? Read More
The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy's newly released report is interesting. Will it help utilities meet their energy saving targets? Read More
A lot of people said about how WhatsApp will save Facebook from losing the international messaging war. It actually, Facebook did a lot of help to Instagram recovered to arise from the spam attack in 2010. Similarly, in the same way you can expect it to do the same for whatsapp. Read More
Analyzing top apps globally sheds light on how these apps generate revenue and make a profit, our new article based on the latest Distimo report. Read More
It seems that most business owners don't see the economy as good or bad. That's because they don't attribute lower profits to the US economy. Here is a study that shows that 60% of Americans don't really look at the economy when their business don't go the way they want it to be. Read More
Facebook is buying the popular messaging app WhatsApp for $19bn. The Facebook said in a statement that it would pay $4bn in cash and $15bn in Facebook shares as part of the deal. Read More

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