Thanks to the DataTables jQuery plugin’s advanced controls, the new add-on allow you to list big data in sortable and searchable tables. Read More
For years, companies have been working on different alternatives to eliminate plastic bottles. But none of them have been able to really take over that market.
The standard metal bottles can hold a lot of water and be refilled over and over again. But they aren’t very attractive. And while looks a Read More
Google I/O was rife with announcements on fresh ideas and exciting products, including the offline update to Google Maps, Search, and YouTube. What does offline availability mean for developing countries the world? Find out in this Tek Shouts! article. Read More
When you walk into the Ziferblat Café in Shoreditch, a trendy suburb of London, you’ll notice an abundance of clocks.
Those clocks aren’t just a design choice. Time is actually a very important concept at the shop. Even the name means clock face in Russian and German.
Time is so important at Zife Read More
Is the signage for your business old and weathered — or just plain old school? You work hard to promote your business, products and services, only to have outdated signage drag your brand down.
Fortunately, there’s a way to transform signage for your small business. And it may only be a few tweets Read More
Through a new partnership with the boutique shopping platform, Yelp now offers consumers the ability to purchase high-end apparel and accessories from these retailers based in the U.S., England and France.
The new partnership, Yelp notes on its blog, “makes it so easy to support coo Read More
CRM systems to develop robust strategies around retaining the right customers and attracting new ones by maximising on their loyalty. Here are the top strategies to be considered when adopting a new CRM software. Read More
The incoming of patients in medical facilities is high. The management needs to be done in an effective manner so that patients are able to draw medical services with an ease. The maximum comfort to the patients is a necessary aspect. Read More
Here are the list of Most Exiciting 2015 IT trends that affect end users and IT departments in their long-term programs, planning goals and initiatives. Read More
In the past few years, the ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ trend has been growing. Ugly sweaters have begun to pop up at popular stores like Target and Forever 21, and several sites now cater specifically to your holiday sweater needs; including Tipsy Elves.
Created in 2011 by Evan Mendelsohn and Nick Mo Read More

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