After the holiday shopping season comes the holiday returns season. If your business sold any holiday gifts over the past few months, then you should probably expect some people trying to return those gifts in the coming weeks.
It’s not necessarily a fun time for most business owners and their tea Read More
Coffee is a huge industry in many countries around the world. But the ways in which people enjoy coffee can vary greatly. Take a look at some of the coffee shops and other businesses that serve coffee beverages in different countries. Here’s just a sampling of coffee shops around the world. Read More
The tools that you can use to run your small business are constantly changing and evolving. In the new year, concepts like mobile ads and even drones are likely to come up quite a bit, as they sometimes did in 2015.
This week, Google made headlines by unveiling a new look for mobile text ads in Ad Read More
Challenged with duplicate leads? See how Grazitti's custom de-dupe solution can cleanse and de-dupe your existing records in Marketo. Read More
You only have until December 31 to file for a refund from one of two wireless communications giant: Verizon Wireless or Sprint Mobile.
If you’re like many small business owners, you’re forever trying to figure out how to make your money go just a bit further.
Well, before the end of the year, don Read More
Instead of removing seller listings for brand name misuse (in other words, keyword spamming) eBay has resorted to editing listings, observers have reported.
Previously, eBay simply removed listings that violated its policy and would send out an email to the seller notifying them of the same. Howev Read More
‘Tis the season to relax a little and spend time with friends and family. There may not be much going on in the way of business events to round out the year but chances are you are plenty busy with holiday festivities.
If you haven’t taken the time to let those you work with all year round know th Read More
I don’t understand the whole Elf on the Shelf thing.
The more I thought about it, the more it sounded like a punishment. So this came out.
Happy Holidays! Read More
From gift wrapping to Christmas trees, department store Santa’s and beyond, what started as a religious holiday has taken on commercial significance.
Entrepreneurs, marketers and businesses large and small have certainly all played a role. But how did Christmas become so commercialized? Read on fo Read More
Christmas traditions vary widely in cultures around the world. People and businesses in different countries have so many unique and interesting ways of celebrating the holiday. Here are some images and explanations depicting Christmas traditions around the world. Read More

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