First, it was Heartbleed. And then, during the last week of September, Shellshock became a hot topic. Shellshock is a security bug that is a potential threat to millions of computers around the world, computers that use the Bourne Again Shell (Bash) command line interpreter, a default on many Linux Read More
We are all puzzled by the cloud, aren't we? Well, most of us are. Regardless of the claims made by online data storage services that all our data... Read More
The pay after delivery service is officially launched by Paypal at the Money2020 conference at Las Vegas. With this service Paypal users can make a purchase and choose to pay for it up to 14 days after the purchase has been made. Read More
There is sufficient work for Big Data developers and because of the scarcity, a nice paycheck will be waiting for them at the end of each month. Read More
“Chrome Bookmarks and the Bookmarks Manager are now more powerful by incorporating the smarts of Google Search with a new modern UI.” Google was working on updating its bookmarking service in May and a developer of Google had leaked a copy of the “Google Stars” extension. Now Google has launched th Read More
Roku has made its entry into Google Play to add to its growing list of video channels. Now, all users who own the latest generation of Roku boxes will be able to stream Google Play and the popular TV app from the comfort of their homes. Read More
Thanks to Halloween, you might have missed out on some of the biggest tech and big data tech news to hit the web. Therefore here is a great overview for you Read More
This event aims to untangle the legal uncertainties which are generated by regulations in the EU and internationally particularly in terms of privacy. Read More
Cloud technology has made vast improvements in the way we share information and there are numerous startups that are expanding the cloud even more. Read More
Microsoft has announced that it will offer unlimited storage on One Drive for all its Office 365 subscribers. Currently this expansion will be available for Home, Personal and University subscriber. Read More

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