The Best BFSI Partner is awarded every year by Huawei honouring the partners working closely with Huawei in this segment that “deliver first-rate IT solutions deployment” for Huawei’s products on premise, in time, while accounting for highly specific needs of BFSI clients.

“We are happy to have Read More
Google's going under the sea with Street View! Swim like Nemo through vast oceans in exotic areas like The Great Barrier Reef, the Galapagos Islands, and more! Nick takes us underwater in this Tek Shouts! article. Read More
This week on Bplans, we focused on new technology for entrepreneurs.

What technologies exist to make your life easier? Which kinds of technology can be used to ease the transition from employee to entrepreneur, to handle your payroll, to invoice for your services? Read More
The official announcement of an eBay split is not a surprise to anyone familiar with the industry. It had long been announced that PayPal and eBay were separating in an effort to achieve maximum growth without the hindrance of being tied together as one company with misaligned mission objectives. Read More
Intuit, the makers of the popular TurboTax app, stopped the e-filing of all state tax returns in the US on Thursday due to a surge in fraudulent filings but then recommenced on Saturday after having taken security measures to help clean up the mess. Read More
This Valentines, make a vow to begin working when and where you choose. Have more quality time for family and friends by creating your own business. Read More
David Cameron paid a visit to Leeds last week [Thurs 5 Feb]. He joined Chancellor George Osborne in Yorkshire to talk about job creation and call for an end to the “decades old divide between the North and South.“ They pledged the creation of a “Northern Powerhouse” and guaranteed that the Conserva Read More
Now you can open files from Dropbox directly into your native desktop apps. This will allow you to save your file in the cloud, making it easier for you to access files from anywhere. Read More
It's The WordPress Helpers WordPress Roundup for February 6 2015. The latest in WordPress news and Musing from The WordPress Helpers Read More
Follow us into the future of transportation with Google's self-driving car. Lauren goes into detail of how the car drives itself, and explores the implications that such an advancement would have on society as a whole in this Tek Shouts! article. Check it out! Read More

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