8 Questions to Ask Before Launching an Online Store

8 Questions to Ask Before Launching an Online Store Avatar Posted by PASAngelique under Startups
From http://articles.bplans.com 14 days ago
Made Hot by: NolanGreen on March 19, 2015 9:08 pm
"An online business is only as good as its digital storefront. Even assuming you had access to the best and most effective marketing campaigns available, there would still be a high probability of your customers failing to convert if your site cannot facilitate a smooth transaction process.” Read More
The biggest concern among businesses of all types, is whether all of this advertising stuff still works. Advertising has never been a field where you got results with 100 percent certainty, but it offered dividends to people who followed the rules. It’s why companies like Kraft Foods and Apple spen Read More

How to Turn Down Freelance Work Properly and Profitably

How to Turn Down Freelance Work Properly and Profitably Avatar Posted by Caron_Beesley under Management
From http://blog.fundbox.com 12 days ago
Made Hot by: deanuk on March 21, 2015 1:05 pm
If you’re self-employed or a freelancer, the very thought of having turning clients away might seem like an unimaginable circumstance.But what can you do when it feels like you’re drinking from the fire hose and can’t take on any more work?

Here are a few tips for turning down new and Read More
What are the top 7 frustrations that keep your typical customer up at night? Put them down on a list and then match them up with a solution you offer that makes the frustration go away. Read More
Eight ways in which enterprise testing and automation tools help companies to become more productive and efficient. Read More
"As a businessperson, you always need to leave a great impression. Writing a confusing e-mail with no structure and multiple errors is not the best way to achieve that. No matter how hard it seems, business writing is worth working on."
Read More

Why My Crowdfunding Campaign Failed

Why My Crowdfunding Campaign Failed Avatar Posted by PASAngelique under Raising Capital
From http://articles.bplans.com 10 days ago
Made Hot by: PMVirtual on March 24, 2015 10:02 am
"Why do more crowdfunding campaigns fail than succeed? What can you learn from a crowdfunding failure? I talked to entrepreneurs who’ve made crowdfunding mistakes and got their perspective on what went wrong with their initial campaigns, and what eventually led them to success." Read More
Do you remember your first website? I had created mine to promote my translation services.

The thing that really made me proud? The GIF of a mouse lifting weights right in the middle of the front page.

Well, as it turns out, everyone else thought it was lame. lol Read More

Marketing Mistakes You\'re Still Making in 2015

Marketing Mistakes You\\\'re Still Making in 2015 Avatar Posted by ivanastaylor under Marketing
From http://diymarketers.com 10 days ago
Made Hot by: blogexpert on March 25, 2015 9:37 am
Marketing is a lot like that slot machine. It shiny, it holds a lot of promise, but most entrepreneurs really don’t know what will happen until AFTER they put their money in and press the button.

Read More

Stop Multitasking and Start Prioritizing #infographic

Stop Multitasking and Start Prioritizing #infographic Avatar Posted by SaadAhmadkhan under Strategy
From http://www.visualistan.com 10 days ago
Made Hot by: problogger78 on March 23, 2015 1:01 pm
Juggling is entertaining to watch, but juggling too much on the job actually leads to lost time, inefficiencies, and mistakes - especially in sales. The infographic below from Velocify demonstrates how prioritizing tasks leads to better sales performance. Read More

Three Key Voluntary Policies for Women

Today 4 in 10 women are the sole or primary breadwinners for their families,¹ and they do more than twice the amount …

Cendrine Marrouat Makes Social Media A Work of Art @cendrinemedia

To reach a wider audience and sell more of whatever product you create in business today, it is first necessary to … More
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