IGTV: What Marketers Need to Know

IGTV: What Marketers Need to Know Avatar Posted by andriawhack under Social Media
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Do you use Instagram video in your marketing?

Want to use IGTV to deliver longer video to your Instagram audience?

In this article, you’ll discover what Instagram’s IGTV is, and find tips for using the feature in your marketing. Read More
For digital publishing to be effective you have to have an SEO content strategy that delivers.

Content marketing is one of the important attributes of an active search engine optimization or SEO campaign. If you are a content creator, editor, marketer, or administer who is in any way engaged and Read More
Boss verse Leader – Which Are You?
As you grow your small business you may need to expand your team. Will you be able to lead effectively? Or will you be a boss that will drive your team members away? Knowing the boss verse leader style is important for you to know as you grow.

Having the right Read More
This detailed guide goes through every crucial step on your way from blank screen to a lively blog that gets read.

No matter if you want a blog for a business purpose, a personal project, your cute Instagram puppy, or anything in between, this guide is for you. Read More

World Cup May Put Businesses at Risk!

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World Cup may put businesses at risk! According to a poll by office suppliers Viking, who found that 46% would call in sick if England won the tournament. Read More
Keywords have been a hot topic in the internet marketing world for awhile, and most businesses understand the importance of them. We all know, after all, that choosing the right keywords can make your marketing campaigns– both organic and PPC– more successful, so they shouldn’t be ignored.

But w Read More
Nowadays, it’s natural to expect your article to get covered on other sites because it’s just that good.

Amazing copy and beautiful visuals serve as the driving force behind barrage of content sharing — and they’ve quickly become mainstays on our top posts. Read More

How to be more positive

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To feel more positive about the present and more optimistic about the future, you need to train yourself in positive thinking. Here are nine ways you can feed your positivity today. Read More
Starting July 2018, all Chrome users will see a warning for all non-HTTPS websites. More than 50% of Internet browsers worldwide are Chrome. Trust me, you have customers using Chrome.

But first, a little historical context. As far back as 2014, Google was giving preferential rankings to websites Read More

4 Smart Reasons to Start Your eCommerce Blog Today

4 Smart Reasons to Start Your eCommerce Blog Today Avatar Posted by davidtrounce under Marketing
From https://www.malleeblue.com 26 days ago
Made Hot by: maestro68 on June 24, 2018 10:18 am
In addition to my daily work with eCommerce brands, I spend a lot of time writing about industry tips and tricks.

While researching, I come across countless eCommerce sites without a blog – this is a huge mistake! Let me explain to you why your online store needs a blog. Read More

Give millennials a reason to stay - The benefits that can help you retain young talent

Job-changing is fast and furious in the early years of millennials’ careers: Young adults born in the early ‘80s …

Kelly McCausey @kellymccausey Shows Solo Smarts

Kelly McCausey is used to functioning as the small business equivalent of a one woman show. Her Website SoloSmarts.com … More
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