Google shook the webmaster world with its HTTPS announcement. Guest blogger John Feeney tells us what WordPress site owners should do to take advantage of Google’s announcement. Read More
This month has been an extremely interesting one for the world of SEO. First came the announcement from Google that they will begin ranking websites higher if they use HTTPS. Secondly, it seems the debate on follow/nofollow links has reached a peak with many calling for the buying and selling of th Read More
It’s the mentality of a lot of my friends. Get a job and earn one income.

Most of us grew up with this mentality instilled into us from a very early age. Often, we would see parents going out, doing a 9-5 and then living from pay check to pay check.

One job; one income.

But why? Why can we Read More
If your business or career is currently failing, understand that it's definitely your fault. An excuse-driven mindset is a sure way to stay on the same path you are on right now. Motivation master, Grant Cardone delivers a Tom-Cruise-worthy dose of reality for you in this short video. Read More

Watch out for Apples [podcast]

Watch out for Apples [podcast] Avatar Posted by lyceum under News
From 14 days ago
Made Hot by: fusionswim on September 13, 2014 8:55 am
Lotta Gergils Aston and I are talking about the Apple event on September 9, launching e.g., a new way of payment via the smarthphone and a watch with health and fitness parameters.

FYI: This podcast is recorded with Audioboo’s iPhone app and RØDE’s smartLav microphone. Read More

Boosting Capital Access for Women Business Owners

Boosting Capital Access for Women Business Owners Avatar Posted by franpro under Franchises
From 18 days ago
Made Hot by: sundaydriver on September 13, 2014 8:50 am
Read about how this summer, U.S. Senator & Chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship Maria Cantwell initiated legislation to increase the availability of Small Business Administration loans for women in pursuit of funding their business. Read More

Facebook Destroys Clickbait [video]

Avatar Posted by lyceum under Social Media
From 15 days ago
Made Hot by: leonesimmy on September 13, 2014 8:41 am
Can Facebook win its battle against clickbait? Is clickbait really such a bad thing? What exactly is clickbait? Elliott Morgan of Mashable has the answers. Read More

When The Delegation Is Effective?

When The Delegation Is Effective? Avatar Posted by tathan under Strategy
From 15 days ago
Made Hot by: kingofcontent92 on September 13, 2014 8:34 am
Effective delegation is the key for freeing your time and resources and concentrate on more important things. But the most of the time, in modern business, delegation is avoided, because it creates a lot of overhead for the the person delegates the task (delegator). The reason for this is that most Read More
The universal challenge of every startup founder is to get everything done that needs to get done, and still have a life. Even outside of business, everyone wants to accomplish more, while working less. I’ve been a student of these techniques for some time, but some time ago I saw a great summary t Read More

Back-to-Spark! [podcast]

Back-to-Spark! [podcast] Avatar Posted by BizWise under Technology
From 21 days ago
Made Hot by: maestro68 on September 12, 2014 12:21 pm

Internet of things.

Privacy and surveillance.


Greg Raiz on his company's "unlimited vacation" policy. Dan Levitin on his book, The Organized Mind. Read More

Free, Fast & Easy: A new way to communicate benefits to employees

  We know that as a small business owner, you have your hands full. Aflac has made it easier for you to communicate …

Michelle Mangen @mmangen Beats Commuting Blues

Imagine living in Wisconsin, not known for its mild winters, and having a job that forces you to commute 100 miles one … More
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