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The thing about toddlers is that they are always curious. As a writer, this should be something that they should practice. Read More
Mark Kelley, co-founder and CEO at Taggs (, a visual content marketing software provider, headed a study on how different types of pictures affect the way Facebook users respond to certain brand marketing posts. Read More
Outsourced services often divide companies between those who have a good experience, and those who don’t. Setting aside the issue of fraudulent BPO companies, why do some businesses still fail with their lead generation and appointment setting campaigns? Read on to find out why. Read More
We read about a lot of innovative startups that successfully raise vast amounts of capital from investors every day, but can these be truly called innovations? Read More
Despite being one of the oldest forms of marketing, there are still those who commit errors with their telemarketing campaigns. Read this article to find out the most common mistakes to help you avoid them. Read More
A national service provider has recently been put in the spotlight for their illegal telemarketing practices. To avoid suffering the same fate with your telemarketing campaigns, continue reading this article. Read More
Employees are the bloodline of a business. They run the company 24/7, it is important that we keep them motivated. Learn how employee attitude can affect your business. Read More
Among the most celebrated business personalities of this generation is Warren Buffett. Aside from being stingy with his funds, Buffett is known to be an efficient goal setter. Whenever he sets a goal, he makes all the necessary efforts to achieve them. Read More

Of Fishing And Business Sales Leads Generation

Of Fishing And Business Sales Leads Generation Avatar Posted by ambrking under Social Media
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Generating qualified b2b sales leads and fishing are very similar tasks. You have to meet the right conditions before you catch the fish or b2b sales lead. Read on to learn which conditions you have to watch out for. Read More
There are many ways of generating leads for business. One can do telemarketing, email marketing, TV ads etc. These days the most used are social media and blogging, what is the difference between the two? Read More

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