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With health care costs set to continue to rise, many consumers are asking themselves what they can do to reducing their own costs going forward. If you are looking for ways to go about cutting your health care costs, here are 5 ideas: Read More
Ever since reading an inspiring post on leadership by Luke Landes, I’ve been trying to say “yes” more to the kinds of projects I truly want to be involved in — even if it means I might not get paid. Read More
Many people in the middle to upper middle class can do a little tax planning to reduce tax liability and pay less. Here are some of the more common tax planning moves: Read More
When we think of some high-stress jobs, like air traffic controller, the assumption is that there is some sort of monetary compensation for dealing with the stress. However, this isn’t always the case. Read More
Not too long ago, the Government Accountability Office released a report indicating that there are some big businesses getting a pass from the IRS. As a result of this report, there has been increasing concern that some partnerships aren’t being held accountable. Read More
While moving costs money and hurts in almost all cases, at least there are tax benefits to help sort-of offset the cost. Read More
One of the greatest helps to entrepreneurs looking for flexibility is the tablet. You can run your business from the iPad, too. Here are 7+ apps that will turn your iPad into a mobile business center: Read More
Often, the most frustrating part of preparing your taxes is searching for the information you need—and that process can make tax time much more stressful than it needs to be. If you want less stress at tax time, it makes sense to organize your taxes all year round. Read More
Capital loss deductions can come in handy when you take a loss on an investment. Unfortunately, you cannot take a capital loss on a personal residence. Find out why. Read More
One of the best ways to take your writing up a notch is improve your grammar and usage. You can be a better writer just by avoiding the “Word Crimes” pointed out by Weird Al. Read More

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