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Recently, probably due to the the fact that I’ve been trying out different freelance work schedule arrangements to boost my productivity, I’ve been asked about what my typical day looks like. Right now, I’m fairly satisfied with my freelance work schedule, and here’s why: Read More
The IRS reports that around 60 percent of taxpayers turn to tax professionals when preparing and filing their returns. Here are 4 signs that your tax preparer might be shady. Read More
Thanks to technology, there is no reason that a stay-at-home parent can’t boost household income. All you have to do is start a home business. Read More
Now that April 15 is fast approaching, you probably have a lot on your mind. One of the things probably not on your mind during tax time is identity theft. This makes sense in a lot of ways; after all, what kind of mischief can fraudsters make in terms of your tax return? Read More
According to Hector De La Torre, the Executive Director of the Transamerica Center for Health Studies, health costs are impacting women differently than men – and resulting in a higher amount of female interest in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Read More
So far for the 2014 tax season, more taxpayers are filing electronically and more refunds are being provided. Read more about the details. Read More
Before you publish your freelance rate card, read on to see why I don’t. Then you can decide what is likely to work best for you. Read More
Chances are that, no matter where you live, you are likely to have multiple jobs throughout your lifetime. When you consider that you are likely to change jobs several times throughout your career, it becomes evident that you need to work on yourself as a brand. You need to be able to “sell yoursel Read More
One of the hardest things to do as a freelance writer (or anyone) is to overcome procrastination. It’s so much easier to zone out than it is to actually DO something. Read More
The government generally ramps up some of its enforcement efforts during tax season, and isn’t shy about publicizing cases of prosecution for tax evasion -- and even pointing to those who have jail time. Read More

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