For some a messy desk is a sign of being busy, but it can also hurt your productivity. Use these tips to organize your office space and accomplish more. Read More
Managing your finances as a Millennial takes careful consideration. The first step to being in healthy financial situation is to control your spending. Once you’ve got your spending under control, you can begin to think about investing those gains and building on your progress. Read More
So much goes into running a successful business. But you don’t necessarily need to make huge changes in order to get more efficient. Sometimes little things like waking up earlier or changing up your website can make a big difference over time.
Read More
To succeed, you need to test and challenge your existing mind set and try to refine and improve it so that every year, you are wiser than the year before. Read More
The purpose of occupational training is to effectively prepare employees for the work they must perform. Digital storytelling makes it more impactful. Read More
Do you want peace and happiness in life? You'll get them, but it depends on where you're searching for them. Eventually and evidently, the key to achieving lasting peace is within yourself, which is your inner peace. What is that and how do you achieve it? Read this beautiful post to discover lasti Read More
You might assume good leaders already possess observational skills. You might assume that products are properly inspected or that editors have pored over every detail in a manuscript. You might also assume that employees are taking proactive steps to stay safe. Still, you hear of product recalls, Read More
Having a husband or wife in the military requires a lot of you. Aside from the emotional support you certainly provide, you have to be prepared to pick up and move whenever the call of duty is sounded. And you do it without hesitation, of course, because that’s just what you do when you love someon Read More
We all know people who do not add value to others, or even worse, take value from others. However, the people who get on well in life and who succeed, are those people who strive to add value to others. Read More
As an entrepreneur, your internal state influences everyone around you. We all need ways to help manage and uplift our mental state -- to increase our creative potential throughout the day. Here are 10 things we can do to ignite our creative spark. Read More

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