HTML 5 is a powerful cross platform language used for creation of mobile applications and has proved its mark in highly fierce mobile technology market.
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Mac vs. PC: The Mac or PC argument has raged for many years between home computer users! Forget Star Wars - think Computer Wars when it comes to Macs and Windows PCs. Read More
Website downtime isn't just annoying - it can be very costly and hurt your brand reputation. You want to know, ASAP, if your website is out of action so that you can fix it. Learn how to (automagically) monitor your website uptime and what tools and monitoring services there are to check your websi Read More
Remove query strings from static resources using any one of these methods and enjoy a boost in loading speed of your website! Read More
Messaging apps are changing the real estate industry forever, and in order to continue capturing more referrals, landing more clients, and selling more homes, it’s helpful to understand why. Read More
For every way there is to protect your computer a hacker seems to come up with some new attack. However, there are still ways to minimize the damage. Read More
If you buy public cloud services without double-checking exactly what you’re getting with a service-level agreement (SLA), you might as well be buying a pig in a poke. Read More
A tool to help determine if you're the audience for 'Valley Speak,' a new book intent on breaking down Silicon Valley slang. Read More
Google Chrome is a web designer’s go-to web browser. The main reason for this is not only the fact that it is fast, compact and efficient, but also that it has the capacity to be rigged with a whole array of tools and Chrome add-ons that make the designer’s work a great deal easier. Read More
Learning no longer stops at school or at university. On the contrary, it is just the beginning! Learning doesn’t stop at any particular age; it is a continuous, life-long process of improving yourself. Every day.

Learning new skills is no longer an option. It is necessary to become successful. A Read More

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