Business communication is no longer a one-way traffic. In the increasingly social and mobile tech landscape that we live and operate in, employees and teams expect the same levels of social media integration when it comes to business communication and employee engagement. Employees, today, want to Read More
Big Data Analytics is the process of measuring a  large number of data sets containing large and different types of data.  This big data analytical process is being helpful in knowing various  market trends, customer’s preferences and many other business related information. Read More
Getting a mobile application developed is common place these days with a wide range of options available. One of the key issues facing app developers and businesses around the globe right now is user engagement; essentially, how to get users to not just download your app, but getting them to use it Read More
There are many things that Process Street, our process management platform, can be used for including on boarding new clients or launching a website. But an interesting use case that has cropped up recently is using Process Street for managing podcast releases.

Read More
You must have created that awesome blog you planned on creating a while back, right? Tell me, how does it feel to ha - Read More
This is Google's Vice President of Engineering and Product Management. Learn about her influential stint as a leading engineer for Google and her work on Google My Business, Google Search, and many other important Google products. Read More
You might think you have high speed Internet, and your provider may boast about how fast it is. But is it fast enough to be called “broadband?” Maybe not, and that slow connection can hurt your business. Read More
WordPress comes with it’s own commenting system built in the core, but there are number of folks who likes to use alternative commenting system in their WordPress site. Read More
The Retailers using the Beacon Technology can increase their potentiality beyond their shop. Beacon help the retailers to understand and reward their customers and this in turn helps in building a stronger relationship with them. Read More
Cloud based VAPT solutions enable IT managers to identify and remediate vulnerabilities before actual occurrence and also help protect sensitive data and information. Being cloud enabled, these deployments do not require any software installation, hardware setup, or even special training for runnin Read More

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