I love playing with language and the business world offers up an almost unending and constantly renewable source of fun words and phrases to play with.
“Under-performing” is a recent favorite. It sounds so nice and polite. It’s not that you’re not doing well, or maybe you could use some help, or y Read More
I’ve been using the Amazon Echo device for almost a year. And most of what I do is ask Alexa — the virtual assistant in Echo — what the weather is, who won the Rams game, add batteries to my shopping list, or even to play the new song from Prince.
I also use Siri to dial people on my iPhone when I Read More
There are plenty of online resources available for helping small businesses find legal resources. But obtaining actual legal counsel has still been a relatively involved process — until now. Legal Hero just introduced a new service that offers on-demand legal help for small businesses.
In addition Read More
After a preview app released at the end of 2014, Skype Translator is finally here for desktop, translating six languages in voice. The new desktop app translates even more languages in text — what Skype calls “messaging languages.”
To be clear, Skype Translator has been around for almost a year as Read More
Multi-tasking takes a new avatar when Gursimranjeet Singh and Gagan Singh of Matcoms Broke Barriers via their new iOS keyboard App ReBoard. Read More
We created three professionally-designed investor pitch decks, and we’re giving them to you for free. Once you download the kit, you can choose the design that works best for you, and start customizing it to tell your own story.
Read More
Though it's the large corporations that are splashed across headlines after high-profile breaches, small- to medium-sized businesses are just as frequent a target for hackers, according to a panel of experts. Read More
Link building can increase the number of high-quality links pointing to a website, in turn increasing the likelihood of the website ranking highly in search engine results. Link building is also a proven marketing tactic for increasing brand awareness. Read More
Browsing through hundreds and hundreds of shops both for work and for myself, I have noticed some definite trends for some of the features. And today I’m going to show you what successful shops are using to provide their customers with even more features. Read More
This tutorial will guide you through installing and setting up the Login Lockdown WordPress plugin to protect your site from brute force hacking attacks. Read More

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