5 SEO Tools for Bloggers

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In today’s episode, I’ve got Jim Stewart from StewArtMedia back on the show to talk about SEO tools to help you to rank your blog higher. Read More
If you’re on AWS Cloud, is security a big concern? In this blog, we explore some of the most effective security mechanisms if you have your data in the Cloud. Read More
The future of the healthcare industry is here! AI is the future, and it is already transforming healthcare with its precision medicine approach, preventive care and effective disease management. Read More
If you have grown tired of one dimensional task lists for managing your workload then it may be time to look at Hyper Plan. If offers a completely configurable two dimensional view of your tasks which offer some interesting insights into your task list. Here we review Hyper Plan for Windows. Read More
A mobile application referred to application software that are specifically designed to run on a mobile device or tablet. Mobile applications provide excellent UI and helps in smooth functioning. Read More
According to Dr Lisa Ackerley, hygiene expert and visiting professor at the University of Salford, the amount of sick days taken by office workers could be reduced if companies implement a better cleaning routine. Read More
iBeacon is an Apple communication protocol that uses Bluetooth Low energy - BLE for location based information to iOS devices. It finds application in many sectors of industry. Here are 5 best use cases of iBeacons. Read More
Sharpening your coding skills is no more a boring task when you are dealing with interesting puzzles. Check out these 9 Awesome Puzzles to Churn your programming brain. Read More
It is important to know the facets of web design. We understand that you must have a need ready for such purposes but getting a web design company to create a website is of high importance as they can tackle any problem with the web design. Read More
Trying to get a WhatsApp for iPad? Well, there isn't an app available in AppStore. However, you can still install WhatsApp on iPad using this detailed guide. Read More

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