Just Getting Started: Application Hosting for Small Business

Accessing software applications and data from a remote system isn’t new stuff.  Starting with telephone modems, acoustic couplers (those things you’d put the phone handset into so that the modem could “hear” the data), green screen AS Read More
Mid-market organizations are continually looking for ways to increase operational speed and efficiency, and FinancialForce ERP is a cloud-based tool that can get them there. Built natively on the Salesforce platform, FinancialForce ERP provides enterprise resource planning tools that organizations Read More
f there’s one department that gets labeled as complicated, it’s usually IT. Information technology departments deal with complex systems and detail-oriented tasks that other groups within large organizations don’t typically handle. Now, an online ITIL service desk is trying to change that perceptio Read More
This infographic by SmartBear Software explains the basics of what APIs are, how we use them, and why it’s so important to understand the technological, economic, and social changes that are developing as a result of the API Revolution. Read More
Whether you're new to blogging or not, check out these top 10 productivity tools and apps for bloggers. Chances are you're already using most of these tools, if you're not, then start discovering new ways to get more from blogging... Read More
Amazing news for photo bloggers who runs their site on WordPress, Postbot, a photo scheduling app which will allow you to upload and schedule multiple photos on your WordPress blog. Read More
Travelling: I personally do not know another word that can give me a greater feeling of freedom and happiness.

The travel route can have different meanings and different accessories, but there are some of them you can not forget.

▶ Which are the best? Read More
Things are always in motion on Earth. Life is never static - we are always inhaling and exhaling, producing and consuming, enjoying and reflecting, giving birth and dying.
In line with the Earth Day celebration Sideqik produced an infographic showing what happens in one day on Earth that impacts Read More
Want to add files for download in WordPress? Do you run a site on WordPress where you want to allow your users to download your files. Read More
It’s more than tiresome when you’re trying to just buy one product and you have to go through what seems like 100 light years worth of pages and boxes to fill out. This is why one-click payments were created! To make shopping less annoying and more conversion oriented. Read More

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