IT security experts often talk about the IT systems worries and vulnerabilities that keep them awake at night. An interview with HPE security expert Simon Leech highlights how to move to hybrid clouds while sleeping like a baby. Read More
Web fonts were developed to allow designers to use custom fonts that aren’t available on computers while still ensuring their design (and overall branding) remains consistent no matter who’s viewing it, or where. Learn more about web fonts, things to consider when using a web font, and how to optim Read More
No one likes to think about it. No one expects it to happen. But, it’s a very real risk of any development project — the third party developer you selected isn’t all they made themselves out to be. Read More
There’s no question digital security is top of mind for, well, basically everyone. Whether it’s alleged Russian interference into the U.S. presidential election or Yahoo exposing a billion (yes, that’s billion with a “b”) passwords, security breaches are front page news all too often these days. Read More
On demand software testing service is a superior alternative to traditional QA delivery models that helps avoid delays and inefficiencies. It’s a pay-per-use service to optimize the results from QA activities and builds the ability for agile deliveries. Read More
Recently a prospective client asked me what was so great about Office 365. This particular client is a growing healthcare company who has their employees spread geographically. Read More
Android Instant Apps. In Google I/O event Android instant apps was announce and here you can read how to use Android instant apps and its features. Read More
The best ways to increase mobile app engagement, so that app users will be incentivized to return and continue using your app.
Read More
Telegram is much more than your average messaging service. The cloud-based app takes instant messaging and private communications to the next level. Read More
For many in the SEO industry, the migration from Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets has been sluggish. Read More

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