With today’s fast pace of living, it’s vital to have on-the-go access to everything that’s important to your work.

Rather than staring blankly out of a window on your train or bus to work, you could then instead be planning your day and organizing meetings, or commenting on tasks and sorting thr Read More

Top 20 VPN Services of 2017

Top 20 VPN Services of 2017 Avatar Posted by tomgorski under Resources
From https://financesonline.com 2 hours 50 minutes ago
There are dozens of VPN Services solutions available in the market today. In this article, we detail the main features and benefits of the top VPN Services products in our database to help you shortlist and select the right app for your business needs. Read More
For the fourth night in a row, I woke up at 4:00 a.m. to the sound of a bird outside my window squawking in a unique, almost understated, way that echoed through my apartment as a clicking noise. Read More
According to an article published in Behavior and Information Technology, visual appeal of a website is foremost for a customer. This was concluded by researchers who said that a website has only a few seconds to make a favorable impression on a customer, and it was all based upon the visual elemen Read More
Have you switched to HTTPS yet? Better soon.... Google's requirement just raised the stakes for everyone. Read More
Effective presentations are vital in securing new business and helping a firm grow. Thanks to advancements in technology, small businesses now have a wealth of tools available to them for delivering powerful presentations, quickly and efficiently. Here’s ten of the best business presentation apps f Read More
Salesforce surveyed nearly 500 small business owners and leaders for the second annual report. Companies between 2 and 199 employees were included. According to the report, small businesses that are automating certain processes are growing. Businesses that aren’t, are floundering. Read More
As with web hosting providers, not all cloud service providers are equal. By asking these questions you can quickly eliminate many potential providers from your list. Read More
Sometimes, smart city technology helps. Other times, not so much: say, interactive art prone to getting loved to death. Boston has tinkered with both feeble and fab apps, resulting in pretty useful apps. Here are six examples that will get you phone-jabby. Read More
We have seen Artificial Intelligence help with Google search results and Facebook friend suggestions. In reality, AI has reached far and is impacting all industries. It is expected to help the Agricultural Industry with the current food crisis as well. Read More

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