LinkedIn may not be as popular as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest but you can still use it to get some leads. Here is a strategy on how you can get some followers and hopefully some sales with this social platform. Read More
We are continuing our series on How to Make the Most of Your HootSuite Account by reviewing the actual ways businesses can access HootSuite from a technical perspective - web, mobile, app and more. Read More
Instagram is the most popular social pictures community with an estimated user base of more than 100 million members. With its huge audience, Instagram is becoming a major asset for companies to reach their target audience. If your business isn’t already on Instagram, it is the right time for you Read More
In a world of online interactions and digital conversations, it's easy to get lost behind a computer. And while this has become common place and many companies are satisfied to operate in this way, you can take your company to another level by incorporating a personal touch in your online strategy. Read More
Despite Facebook's attempt to keep highly commented posts at the top of users’ news feeds by changing posting order to “most relevant,” if your post hits while your intended audience is sleeping, working, or in school, you’re wasting your time. Read More
Social media marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies being used by top brands. The fact is that for every thousand happy customers, there is always one or even more who isn’t. So it’s time for businesses to take how they deal with issue on social media really serious. Read More
There are many articles out there advising us on how to manage and run a small blog. However what happens once your blog reaches that next level and you now have a virtual publishing business? In my opinion a blog is no different than a magazine publication that relies on readership, followers and Read More
There are many articles on what small business owners should be doing on social media, but there is a conspicuous lack of those detailing what business owners should try to avoid. Here is a list of some of the behaviors that should not be engaged in by business owners lest they defeat the purpose o Read More
Don't break up with your app just yet: The latest Facebook update isn't quite what it seems. Keep reading to find out the truth about the recent changes. Read More
A backlink is considered to be a link on a website which eventually points back to the blog you intend to create a backlink for. the more the backlink you have for your blog, the better and stronger it becomes for search engines, and the more it is known my public i.e people who surf the internet. Read More

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