The Great Gatsby is one the greatest novels of all time written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This book is about one of the most powerful characters of American literature.
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In what might appear to be a minor update at first, Google+ has added additional detail to the internal notifications pane. Could this be a nice upgrade for businesses? Read More
10 steps to help you use social media to virtually crush your competition and position your business or personal brand as the go-to leader within your industry or niche. Read More
For those of you new to the chatty network or new to using it for business, here is an infographic from passiondigital proposes some best practices, including latest profile and cover photo sizes, that help you leverage Twitter like a boss. Read More
According to Forbes, asked more than 60,000 US online adults who use social sites, 22% told they visited Google Plus each month. At the same time, that’s the same number told they use Twitter, and more than told they use LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. Read More
There is a lot of things you do in LinkedIn, but one that I love is to think about it as a personal inbound marketing machine. Let the story unfold and then I will come back to this point. Read More
So, you have created an engaging, informative and topical blog post. You are about to hit Publish and send it live, out on the web for the world to see. Stop! Before you go any further, ask yourself - are you getting the absolute best leverage from your efforts? Read More
Here's the post I talked about 2 days ago. I didn't expect selfies to become a global phenomena this year - but you can take advantage of this and break out of contest monotony!  Read More
How Will Social Networking Sites Evolve? Let's Take A Look At WhatsApp | what Whatsapp's rapid growth could mean for the competitive social network landscape in the future. Read More
The following infographic created by zionsbankblog takes a closer look at how to get your small or large company started on social media and how to understand this continually evolving landscape. Read More

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Job-changing is fast and furious in the early years of millennials’ careers: Young adults born in the early ‘80s …

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