LinkedIn Company Pages have come a long way in the past few years and present far more opportunities for growing your business.

I am moving from a Group strategy to a Company Page strategy on LinkedIn and here are some of the main reasons why... Read More
There’s a vast difference between running social media profiles because that’s the de facto expectation of businesses these days and actually building a substantive social following that contributes to your business goals.

Any of the following 10 signs may be indications that you’re veering clos Read More
I was recently working with an individual and we were going through his Facebook page talking about what could be done page engagement. Before the conversation even started I already knew what to expect as one of if not the first question.
“How often should I post?” Read More
Thousands of dollars have been lost, but sadly, business owners still keep on falling for the same misconception again and again.
What am I talking about? I’m talking about the 5 most common misconceptions that business owners have about social media marketing, that’s costing them A LOT OF DOLLARS Read More
Guest posting is a great way to showcase your talent and to gain new followers. More importantly, guest posting is a great opportunity to develop a working relationship with other bloggers. If you are ready to give guest posting a try, be sure to follow these rules for a successful guest post. Read More
Whether you’re new to Google Plus or a bit more of a veteran, it is important to have an awesome profile set up. Many, however, aren’t really sure what they should have on their profile or how to best set it up. Here, I want to help you fix that with my tips to create a great Google Plus profile. Read More
Let’s be honest, despite being a Google product, Google Plus hasn’t got the kind of credit it commands from the brand community. Even after 2.75 years of its existence, it remains underrated and undervalued as a social media marketing platform. And, is it justified? Darn no! So, just to make sure y Read More
Did you know that 5 in 10 banks either do not measure their marketing ROI at all, or measure it in less than 25 percent of their digital marketing campaigns.
These stats came from bluefountainmedia's infographic called Digital Marketing for Finance: What Businesses Need to Know to Excel Online. Se Read More
Google+: Learn how to boost your Google+ profile and increase your business's online presence.Google+ is quickly becoming an essential part of any business’s social media strategy.It boasts a cool 250 million users! And this number is sure to grow very quickly as Google is making a Google+ account Read More
Facebook redesign features after almost one year that it initially announced a major overhaul and redesign of the website. The desktop version appears less cluttered, in an effort to look more like the mobile site. The biggest difference is the photos – now span the entire width of the News Feed. Read More

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