Social commerce sites are becoming a common way of shopping online. These online shopping sites use technology to bring the social interactions found in physical malls and stores to online shopping. Read More
I read an interesting article last month that discussed how the same photo on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter gets different engagement. I’ve often noticed the same effect when I share my photos, but after reading this article, I wanted to spend a little more time researching this phenomenon. Read More
Great article on how Facebook maybe declining. Should you put more time into Facebook for your business? From Article: So is Facebook in decline? Recent reports seem to point to this trend. Read More
I love social media. So back in 2011, I decided to start a business around it. But what is social media? Read More
If your small business uses social media for marketing, you know it’s easy to track things like “likes,” follows and retweets. Less clear-cut, however, is how a Read More
Small businesses can use the professional demographic of Linkedin in conjunction with the targeting power of groups to establish a professional and powerful social media presence for their brand. Read More
The world has started to share the things in online as concept based. In order to improve more Google has come out with Google+. Its not been open yet but people can join through the invitation. But it’s just the beginning and more plenty have to come Read More
There are many other ways you can leverage social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to strongly benefit your business to business relationships. Read More
Images can attract clients to your page, no matter what type of business you have. By using photos, you encourage people to stay on your page or site longer. Read More
Twitter is one of the world’s biggest social networks and it’s a powerful platform that can be leveraged to send your blog a lot of highly targeted traffic. But there’s always been a limitation of using only 140 characters Read More

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