Facebook Timeline has officially been forced upon you… And like the first time you get evicted from an apartment, it’s a little unsettling. Read More
Social media can seem complicated and daunting. However, there are a few tasks that apply to every social platform. I call them social media best practices. They can help you achieve social media success. Read More
It’s no surprise that advertising professionals are advocates of social media. We research, test, and execute marketing campaigns on a daily basis and they design these campaigns with the purpose of delivering a message to a targeted group of prospects. Social media not only allows for highly targe Read More
When creating a social media content calendar you want to include items that will engage your fans. You want people to listen, talk back and share. Use a fill in the blank fan engagement update to get people talking! Read More
When it comes to social media, you have to be where your customers are. This might not mean Facebook... Read More
If Facebook is for friends and family and Twitter is for a quick comment on any topic, then LinkedIn should be considered the professionals’ social media networking site. Here are some tips on how to build your LinkedIn presence. Read More
A few weeks ago, I wrote about hotels in Los Angeles that were incorporating Facebook’s new Timeline features into their social media strategies. I shared a few examples and my hope was that it would give you as hoteliers some fun ideas of how to make the most of Facebook’s recent updates. It’s tim Read More
Wonder why your Facebook page is not performing well? Could there be anything you missed? Go through this checklist and improve your Page with minor tweaking this week. Read More
Social Media Over Sharing Sucks I wanted to share my 2 golden penny's on why sharing to much on social media sites sucks for you and your followers. Then I will share my Chunky Sharing System with you that will fix the problem. Read More
Tracking your Pinterest campaigns is not that easy without the proper tool. Fortunately, Pinerly helps you easily post and measure visual content, on Pinterest Read More

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