For your typical hotel, creating and maintaining a social media presence is hard enough, but growing your network can be even harder. It can be challenging for some hotels to convert even their most loyal guests into fans online. So how can you get guests that like your hotel to in turn Like you on Read More
Any business starting up these days knows that Social Media is a must. But you have to remember that your Facebook page is not your website. You don’t just build it and let it sit there without any updates. So I came up with the acronym “REACTIONS” to help explain what you need to do with your Face Read More
On June 25, Microsoft announced that it had reached an agreement to acquire Yammer, Inc. - a provider of enterprise social networking software and services - for $1.2 billion. Read More
Newsjacking isn't just the latest trend in social media -- it's also a great way to grab attention and build traffic to your content. Read More
Years ago I used to play poker. Not professionally, but often enough that it was more than a hobby. I played in local casinos and through it earned a little bit of spending money on the side. I pick up some lessons along the way that I still apply in my life and even translate over to blogging. Read More
Of all the available social networks, Facebook works best in sharing information about you and about your friends. While some sharing options work well and good for your interests, you might also want to change some settings which work against your interests. Read More
This post analyzes three recent surveys of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and their use of social media in marketing. By most indications, use of social media by small business is on the rise and will continue to follow that trend throughout 2012. Read More
How one small business that sells footwear online uses Facebook contents to gain insight into why some products perform better than others. Read More
There are no easy 3, 10, or 15 step process on perfecting your social presence--it differs for everyone. This guide simply provides helpful tips to establish your small business' Twitter account. Read More
Crowds gather for different reasons. Bad accidents. Public humiliation. Amazing spectacles. Runaway elephants. Weird clowns. Anything that fascinates people attracts them. Our social media definitely should not resemble a bad accident or be out of control like a runaway circus animal. It shouldn’t Read More

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