Sure, your business is rocking it on Twitter and Facebook. With a huge following and thousands of shares and likes, one might expect company to be flourishing. What many may not know, however, is that it takes a village — or in this case, collaboration, to take a company to the next level. By lever Read More
Tips for creating valuable content on your Facebook business page that can easily be shared and target your small business demographic. Get more likes, page views and reach more potential clients. Read More
Online reputation management is a vital element of maintaining a hotel’s image. Keeping tabs on the conversation about your client's hotel and its services is a critical part of their success. Read More
Some companies have a tough time grasping what a relationship with a marketing agency looks like when managing social media because it can be so personal to the brand. We've defined 3 keys to a successful social media marketing partnership between companies and agencies.
1. Principles 2. Goals 3. Read More
Social media seems pretty straightforward and simple on the surface, but it’s incredibly easy to let it fall through the cracks when there are a million different balls you’re juggling in your business and you haven’t created a clear plan. Read More
There it is. Sitting there. Taunting you. Daring you to respond. Answer right and the heavens open, angels sing, while you do the happy dance. Answer wrong; screenshots get shared, teeth are nashed, and tweets with the word "boycott" abound. How do you deal with negative social media comments? Read More
Twitter is one social media platform that I never 'got'. I mean come on, how is anyone going to see my Tweet when that newsfeed is moving along so quickly? Fortunately I did some work for a client which taught me a whole lot about the power of Twitter. The secret lies in using leverage. Do you Read More
Many of the social media statistic reports are out and I’ve taken the information about Instagram and compiled it all for you. Instagram has grown considerably this last year and I’m excited to see some new numbers to reflect the influence of this platform. Here are the Instagram stats for 2014. Read More
Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. It lets users quickly and easily bookmark, organize, and share useful and beautiful visual ideas found on the web. Read More
Discover Why Selling Matters for Hotels. Learn why your Hotel has the wrong approach to Social Selling, and how to fix it. Read More

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