Google welcomed us into a converted warehouse this morning for coffee, where beautiful photography was on display, and was the focus of a series of announcements. Read More
What is a community manager to do when his or her social sites go down? First, don’t panic! Next, keep these steps in mind. Read More
Twitter once used to be the place where people used to share what they fancied. Now, with more than 100 million daily active users, things have changed. You can no longer tweet every shit that comes out of your mind Read More
For most online marketers, the biggest challenges comes from mastering the simplest platforms. Facebook marketing is a great way to effectively and efficiently generate leads leveraging social media but it is also the one that most people get wrong! Read More
Sure, you might find grandma out there flashing baby pictures on Facebook, but primarily everything happening on social media belongs to this current generations of Millennials. Read More
Many tweeps who use hashtags don’t fully understand how to properly use them. This article reveals 3 hashtag mistakes that you should avoid making on Twitter. Read More
Using Linkedin to create a professional profile for your small business and employees is a great way to create a strong network that can yield many good results for your small business. Read More
Pinterest is one of the most valuable tools for real estate agents. When used correctly it can create a dramatic increase in website visitors and sales. Read More
Page Rank is getting less and less interesting. Updates are few, and maybe disappearing for good. Time to work to get visitors, and forget about the thing called Page Rank! Read More
Technology can be a great blessing if it is used in an appropriate manner. On the other hand, it can be disastrous if you don’t know how to use it for your benefit. Technology helps businesses connect with people quickly. However, organizations that are unable to adapt can be left behind. Read More

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