Now that Facebook is considering using #hashtags for the new platform, I thought it necessary to write a blog about the good use of hashtags in your marketing campaigns. In today’s social media world, hashtags are a powerful marketing tool. For those new to these little social utensils, here is an Read More
If you witnessed the events of WhopperGate unfold as inappropriate tweets began to flood Burger King’s Twitter feed, a fear probably ran through your mind — What if my brand’s Twitter account is hacked? You may have even rushed out and changed your brand’s login information just to be safe. Althou Read More
Let’s face it, it can be overwhelming to be a social media community manager. The more accounts you find yourself in charge of, the more team members you find yourself collaborating with, the easier it becomes for important tasks to get lost in the shuffle. Luckily, we’ve discovered three great too Read More
How extensive is your social media monitoring service? Not very? Don’t worry, we’ve uncovered an incredible tool that will help you analyze your social presences across the web with lots of free reports. Say hello to SimplyMeasured. Read More
People finally get that content marketing works -- when done right (they forget this part), so now everybody does it. And a lot of the content offers z-value. Z as in zero, zilch, zippo. Read More
Top 9 Stats Analyzing the ROI of Social Media Marketing People responsible for marketing budgets want to know if there is any ROI value in social media. Is the ROI of social media marketing capitals... Read More
Now researchers in Taiwan have shown that blogging really can increase your health and happiness. Previous studies had already showed the therapeutic value of keeping a journal or a diary. Putting our thoughts and fears on the page takes their power away and stops Read More
Recently, National Public Radio (NPR) decided to get down to the nitty-gritty and figure out what it takes for content to go viral. They asked themselves what kind of content do people want to share, and began conducting studies through their social media networks to find out exactly what takes on Read More
Job interview trend: More employers are looking at candidates social media pages during the hiring process. This has resulted in debates over privacy issues. Read More
Having some trouble with the new YouTube layout? YouTube is a serious place to be for marketers.  Of course, I'm lacking in that department big time!  But if you can put some really great video's on there that will help people you will really start to see some positive results from it. Read More

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