For as long as people have walked the Earth, we've been thinking up ways to network. From The Roman Forum, to Newspaper and Cracker Barrel, social networking changed how people connect one another.
Here's an infographic from Bixa Media that looks at how we've connected since the dawn of time. Read More
Those are the days where the small scale business owners found some difficulties in promoting their brands. But it has become very easy for them to promote their brands and generate business via Linkedin. Here is a blog from Scribble Inside with some effective small scale business marketing tips. R Read More
Introducing Oktopost's Content Recommendation Engine. Which content does it search for? The content recommendation engine pulls together content as a result of what you’ve been sharing — AND (and this is big) based on the success of your other posts. Read More
Likes, favorites, shares, and retweets are fine and dandy, but if you are not somehow driving traffic to your site, then what's the point? Read More
Learn how a local Comfort Inn and Lexington, VA and 7-Eleven skyrocketed their social media presence with these two amazingly creative promotional product campaigns Read More
Choosing to invest in social media ads and promotion can be a great move when optimized and monitored closely, but business owners need to do their part to keep track of results otherwise it can quickly turn into a drain of precious resources. Read More
Are you looking to market your beauty or hair salon on social media? Or are you not getting the results you want and need a boost?

Social media is a great way to engage with your current and potential customers, spread more awareness about your services, and create brand loyalty among customers. Read More
The World Cup is in full-swing. Are you taking advantage of it for your business?

With the massive amount of promotion and buzz around Brazil, it makes for very low-hanging fruit for marketers to drive social engagement and generate leads. Read More
You've probably heard of LinkedIn and you've probably got an account on there too. But are you using your profile to it's full potential? With over 259 million professional users LinkedIn is a powerful asset for any professional but only if it's really being used to its full capabilities. Follow th Read More
How and when is it best to engage people on Facebook? According to the “Q1 Social Intel­li­gence Report,” released this month by Adobe, images and videos are the most engaging types of Facebook posts that brands can share, and it’s best to share them on Friday. Read More

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