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Are Your Profiles Turning People Off?

Are Your Profiles Turning People Off? Avatar Posted by stephanieward under Marketing
From http://www.fireflycoaching.com 543 days ago
Made Hot by: dEvangelize on October 21, 2012 12:03 pm
How you describe yourself and your business can make a huge difference in the level of your success. When is the last time you took a close look at all of your profiles? Watch this short video on how to create the most effective profiles. Read More
Can you imagine going to some new destination in an unfamiliar part of town without directions? Now try to imagine a starting your business without any direction.Your vision is as much about the future as it is about the day-to-day operation. Don’t hesitate to dream big!
Read More
They seemed like good ideas at the time... WatchMojo.com counts down our picks for the top 10 worst marketing mishaps in history. Read More
Are you hitting a brick wall when trying to think up new topics for your blog? Get your creative juices flowing by checking out these four content treasure troves. Read More
n their rush to move on to the latest and greatest in SEO, link building and content marketing tactics, many site owners fail to get the onsite SEO basics squared away 100%. I tell my clients that an SEO campaign is much like building a house—without a strong foundation the rest of your work isn’t Read More
Majority of the content floating in the internet is in the form of articles. And in order for the web to move forward, it needs a continuous flow of content. This is where article marketing comes into the picture. Online marketers have this need to digest new information every single day. Read More
Using Mobile Marketing on Signs - An Interview With Jed Alpert. Learn from Jed Alpert on what businesses need to know about using mobile marketing. Read More
I’m not much of a television person, but my family loves one of the popular “reality” shows, called “So You Think You Can Dance,” so I’m sort of forced to watch it every week on Fox. Over time, I’ve concluded that even startup entrepreneurs can learn a few things from this one. Of course, you must Read More
This week, we review an application that integrates two top applications – an email applications and a CRM application – for significant productivity and usability gains. We will review Cirrus Insight – an application that integrates Gmail and Salesforce. We will look at its features, interface and Read More
Businesses use email marketing as a way to get in touch with their customers and provide them with information. Unlike direct mail, email places the company’s marketing message directly in front of their customer—or so they hope. Email marketing is not perfect, and while it does have a few benefits Read More

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