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Jesse Aaron offers an amazing take on small business owners' thought profiles, their marketing limitations and how these limitations can be overcome with smart, intuitive marketing. Read More
Learn how Ari Tulla, founder of BetterDoctor.com and other companies are disrupting the healthcare industry and improving its complex and antiquated processes and systems. Ari founded BetterDoctor out of his own necessity and frustrations with identifying the right doctor for his health struggles. Read More

7 Social Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

7 Social Marketing Tips for Small Businesses Avatar Posted by jimarmstrong under Social Media
From http://www.getbusymedia.com 1808 days ago
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Are you a small business who is still navigating the murky waters of social media marketing? Are you still trying to understand the power of the various social platforms and how to put them to use for your business? Jesse Aaaron has the scoop, with these 7 invaluable tips. Read More
On June 20th I was fortunate enough to reconnect with Larry Sombke, founder and owner of Larry's Southwestern Sauces. In this follow-up conversation, Larry and I discuss how he has expanded his distribution through brokers and new channels, while also touching on how he has amplified his efforts to Read More
Last Monday night, I was fortunate enough to speak to entrepreneur and CMO Jim Kras. In our 2nd interview for Get Busy Media, we talk about Whole Products Group's quick growth and eventual acquisition by Inergetics. We discuss the lessons he has learned from this experience and the advice he has fo Read More
Traveling and working is a great way for a writer to gain inspiration and be successful. Read about what I've learned working abroad here! Read More
315 days ago I sat down to speak with Dave Herman about his project to complete 100 jobs in one year. At the time he had completed 19 jobs, not even a fifth of the way to his goal. On January 2nd, I was fortunate enough to speak with Dave just a day after completing his 100th job. Above is a record Read More
Andrew Hirshman, Get Busy Media's digital video editor, introduces us to the concept of behavior change and how marketers need to leverage this idea to win new customers and grow their sales pipeline. This will be the first of many posts in this series. Read More
John Holowitz had the opportunity to speak with Rob Hatch, COO of Human Business Works on how he turned his passions into his career, and his lessons he learned along the way. Read More
As any writer knows, the hardest part of creating any sort of content is getting started. One of the tricks of the trade is to develop an idea of who it is that you're writing for. Creating a marketing persona for each of your customer groups helps you achieve this. Read More

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Job-changing is fast and furious in the early years of millennials’ careers: Young adults born in the early ‘80s …

Contributor of the Week Tom Shivers: Capturing Success

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