In real estate, in order to stay competitive and continue positioning yourself as a valued resource for potential clients to leverage when they have questions and need help, it’s important to keep up the trends and advances that are occurring when it comes to smart home technology. Read More
Recently MyThemeShop launched Authority WordPress theme to replicate the look and feel of Mr. Matthew Woordward‘s blog.

I was previously using Schema WordPress theme from MyThemeShop and it really helped me to rank better on search engines because of its SEO friendly nature. Read More
While new digital financial solutions have changed the way we bank and pay our bills, there is still a large percentage of the population that prefers to use checks, brick and mortar outlets, and cash. But this doesn’t mean companies like Plastiq are not trying to sway this group and everyone else Read More
Colossal overhead can be enough to kill even the most promising of small businesses – and staff-related costs tend to be one of the biggest culprits.
When starting up a new business, quite a few entrepreneurs will inevitably fail to budget in mandatory employee benefits like medical insurance. Wor Read More
Since they launched in 2014, Reserve has always been known as a ‘dining concierge’ and now they look ready to do more as they recently unveiled two new tools:, a website for users to find restaurants and make reservations, and a table management software Reserve for Restaurants. Read More
Shipping and mailing products provider Pitney Bowes just launched a “first of its kind” shipping software called SendPro, that enables small businesses to utilize the same technology used by large companies to manage shipping, mailing and parcel payments but at a price that fits most small business Read More
Digital technology has permeated every aspect of our lives, and the workplace is no exception. One of the things that technology has done in the workplace is bring people together no matter where they are, making collaborative solutions a critically important technology for the way we work moving f Read More
Popular search-focused email client CloudMagic has added a useful feature to its service. The feature known as Sender Profile was specifically created to aid those who receive lots of email from people they don’t know. Similar to services like the newly launched Connect from Clearbit for desktop em Read More
If you're still worried about your customer's liking and buying your products, then this post is written for you! How to Design Products Customers Will Love Read More
Some challenges may be preventing you from making better environmental, health, and safety decisions. Here’s a checklist to detect what’s keeping your workplace from being a safe place for employees. Read More

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