When it comes to global sourcing, logistics refers to the process of getting materials or products from the producer to the buyer (you), including packing, insuring, transporting and inspecting the goods. Clearly, this is a complex process, with the potential for communication problems, cultural ba Read More
Local businesses often have strong brands established in their areas. They can build in their own brand recognition further by partnering with other local brands to their mutual benefit, such as in the case of Del's Shandy from RI. Read More
Do you know what to do when it come to order a writing job? Here are 5 very important items you need to know and keep in mine for next time you order an article to a freelance writer. Read More
In corporate culture, businesses constantly run into the term VoIP. This is because of the impact it’s had on professional communication, both local and international. For those still toying with the idea of VoIP technology, they see a market full of products and programs. But as more providers spr Read More
Have you ever wondered what goes into designing, manufacturing, and promoting a physical item? The process for launching my first product was full of unexpected challenges and learning opportunities. This article contains the story of how I created aluminum pens in 2014. Read More
We talk frequently in this space about safety issues involving promotional products. A heart-wrenching story out of Pennsylvania this week has me Read More
This post looks at ways in which you are able to tighten up security around your CRM solution. Ensure that your company data is kept as safe as possible by following these steps. Read More
Buying inventory from local suppliers can help small businesses keep costs down, as well as help with branding and shipping times, making it a strong strategy to research local inventory solutions. Read More
Online shopping or e-shopping is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser. In the recent past, an increasing trend of online shopping is seen with people moving from buying product from a bricks-and-mo Read More
As an entrepreneur, bring on board a business-grade virtual assistant with project management skills and give your creativity free reign. Read More

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