Do you know there’s an app that unlocks hidden benefits of your credit cards?
Well, the Sift app — an innovative free mobile application — unlocks hidden benefits of your credit cards you probably were not aware of, such as price adjustment refunds, extended warranties, return protection, rewards Read More
Here’s a list of the top recurring billing and payments tools to transition the process from the ledger to the internet. Read More
Cloud storage services help bloggers and freelancers to access and share essential files and data on the go. Here are 10 best cloud storage platforms for bloggers and freelancers... Read More
I know there's still quite a few of us slugging it out in the retail/product distribution sectors, andbthis time of year can be a nightmare for any warehouse that wasn't prepared for the onslaught. Here's a few ways I found to get everything back to normal. Read More
LG claims that these state-of-the-art laptops (available in 13.3-, 14-, and 15-inch models) feature highly-efficient 72Wh battery life that allows you to work, on a single charge, for almost a full day. However, despite the larger battery size, LG is still able to keep the device lightweight, with Read More
Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is breathing a little new life into older Android mobile devices. The company announced recently its helpful AI tool, Google Assistant, is coming to even more phones and (finally) tablets. Read More
Chrome will cease showing ads on websites that display non-compliant ad experiences, beginning February 15th. The initial warning was issued in June, but did not specify a time frame aside from “early 2018.” With over half the market share in the browser market, this has a potentially sizable impac Read More
Around March 7-8 of 2017, there was a lot of chatter that some sort of algorithm update was going on.

It seemed like Google was targeting low-quality content meant to generate revenue.

Google wasn’t talking. At least not at first. Read More
Here comes Christmas time, the best time to buy gifts for our loved ones. Here are some great Christmas gift ideas you can get for your friends and family members... Read More
Canva is finally available on Android. And for 10 million plus Canva users around the world, the move is a welcomed addition to this popular design application.
Making Canva available on Android now means more than 2 billion monthly active mobile users will have access to the DIY design platform o Read More

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