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Displaying your website design work in a well laid out portfolio will increase sales. The way you’re presenting the work you have already done to potential new clients will clinch a sale or they will move on to another WordPress website design company. Get your portfolio right from the beginning an Read More
Creating valuable content is a process.

It’s one thing to haphazardly throw some words together and call it a blog. It’s quite another to create content that has real SEO value for your company and is also received well by your target audience. Read More
Google's new mobile benchmark data report, released early this year, has a ton of useful for information for developers looking to improve mobile performance. Considering how important the mobile experience is these days, it's definitely worth a read.

One section that Google went in-depth on was Read More
Do you know that there are some SEO techniques that hurt your Google ranking? Are you familiar with the term ‘Black Hat SEO’? If you are not, please go through this post. In this post, I will help you understand the SEO techniques that hurt your Google ranking. Read More
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Technology also defines how millennials engage and consume information. And this is something that entrepreneurs need to focus on.

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One of the world’s biggest tech companies likes to say that its technology “just works,” but the truth is there’s still an extremely complicated program behind each of those apps on our phones. That means someone spends hours writing those programs, making sure every bit of information is accounted Read More

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