Undoubtedly, the most effective way people get information about a local store or establishment is through word of mouth. But if that’s not possible or is not available at the moment, they resort to online searches for information, just like what 85% of consumers would do. Read More
In the vigorous chase after traffic and ranking, it may not always be obvious that there are situations when you might not want the search engine crawling your website. There are admin folders where secure information is stored, e.g, and other parts of your site that you don’t wish accessed at all. Read More
How can your organization show up in search results at key moments to give potential customers what they need? Here are some valuable tips to help you reach your audience during critical mobile searches. Read More
You can now upload 140 second videos on Twitter. Twitter wants you to create and share longer videos on the platform. Read More
Prepare your Hotel for the Big Data Challenges with insight on How the Hospitality Industry is Affected. Effective solutions will help with scaling. Read More
For healthcare organizations, a well-written patient story can be one of your most valuable content marketing assets, and in Episode 180 of the Content Marketing Podcast, we’ll share our 7-step process for creating patient stories that resonate. Read More
In the digital world, content is everywhere online. Every day, there are new bloggers popping out of the woodworks. There are many content creators, website administrators and content marketers.

There is no need for a qualification to post and venture online but many don't know the laws of blogg Read More
Money is the key to be happy in this world. No matter where you are, no matter where you are from, no matter you are a businessman or a religious Guru, everyone needs money. Some needs less and some needs more. Money is the only thing which makes most of the people to work. Read More
Building an online community is fun, but it can also be daunting. Even with a lot of members there may be very little activity. As a community manager it’s your job to activate your community and engage them with a variety of activities.

Read More
The marketing world is changing, due in large part to the proliferation of social media as the primary online communication platform, requiring marketers to adapt the way they do things to accommodate the way people receive and utilise information. Read More

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