What We Can Learn from Facebook’s 5 Core Values

What We Can Learn from Facebook’s 5 Core Values Avatar Posted by viclogic under Social Media
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Core values define any company's destiny. Facebook outlines its 5 core values in a letter included on its SEC filing for IPO. Learn how we can also achieve Facebook's great success by reflecting on these values and principles.

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Written by viclogic
802 days ago

Hello Nial. I agree with you. I also think that Facebook's success is driven by collaboration. Facebook give great opportunities to business owners and marketers. These marketers have also helped Facebook to be promoted in return. For examples, a blogger gets exposure in Facebook, while Facebook also gets exposure in the blogger's blog through a Facebook widget.

Written by nialldevitt
802 days ago

Hi Vic, You points about Facebook are very well made and very true but for me, I think that Facebook's genius was in opening up it's platform to businesses/developers in relation to apps, games etc. Thanks for sharing here at Bizsugar, Niall

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