Social media marketing is still somewhat of a grey area for businesses owners. It is easily misunderstood and can be confusing to put into practice.

It's even harder when there are both social marketing heroes and villains pitching for work.

Are you the hero or villain?

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Written by HeatherStone
130 days ago

Hi Stuart,

Like the ideas here (and LOVE the infographic) but, in truth, when we talk about established truths backed by solid research the question is which ones. There is a lot of "research" out there in the social media space today, not all of which is credible. Your recommendations for separating fact from fantasy?

Written by StuartJDavidson
129 days ago

Thanks Heather.

I'd typically look at the source of the research to establish its validity. If the source is a superblog or social research company, you can usually assume it's conducted on good merit.

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